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FACT CHECK: How DACA Hurts Americans

What’s the big deal with DACA?

You’ve probably seen the acronym in the news a lot lately. It stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” and is an Obama-era executive memo that granted amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants. Ironically, the same progressives who think white people still bear the burden for historical injustices such as slavery don’t think the children of illegals should have to pay the price for the actions of their parents.

And I would be inclined to agree, if it wasn’t for the law of unintended consequences. As more illegals pile into the country, they become progressively harder to catch (and harder to deport), which will lead to liberals eventually concluding that nothing can be done, so amnesty is the only option. It’s a cycle.

In the case of DACA, it led to a surge in “unaccompanied minors” crossing the border. And why wouldn’t it? The U.S. government essentially told young prospective illegals that if they’re to enter America, all they have to do is claim they came at a younger age with family.

In fact, as we reported earlier this week, from 2012, when DACA was announced, to 2014, unaccompanied minors apprehensions increased 490 percent, 444 percent, and 610 percent for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, respectively.

And how does it effect you? For one, there are hundreds of thousands of “undocumented” youth employed in jobs that would otherwise be held by Americans. We know this because some liberals have tried to fearmonger that the economy would shed 700k jobs in absence of DACA, which makes about as much sense as saying that we’d lose 15 million jobs if we deported every illegal. Technically yes – but those jobs would be taken by American citizens at higher wages.

And that’s not all.

Children just ain’t as young as they used to be, eh?

  • As previously mentioned, illegal aliens displace American labor (and drive down domestic wages).
  • Those without a high school degree are hardest hit by the effects of job displacement and decreased wages. Black men are the demographic most likely to lack a high school degree, and hence the most affected by illegal immigration. That’s a social justice issue we don’t hear about much from liberals.

  • Any high skilled immigrants we take from foreign countries are contributing to a “brain drain,” thus dampering their nation’s abilities to further themselves.
  • Most Latin American immigrant families take welfare. Assuming DACA would lead to eventual naturalization, it would further contribute to our fiscal ruin.




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