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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Papa says:

    The GOP needs to invoke the nuclear clause and push this through, as well as the tax reform and AHCA BEFORE the mid-term elections. politicians are afraid of losing their seats, but success after passing these bills would bolster their ability to get re-elected. Another reason to push these bills through prior to 2018 is that President Trump’s opposition are trying every trick in the book to get him impeached. If everything is accomplished to Make America Great Again, POTUS will establish a legacy that will last for posterity..regardless of what the Never Trump crowd can accomplish. The Obama “legacy” will become a bad dream from which we will all wake up .

  2. Creola83 says:

    A step in the right direction. Hopefully, they can get enough votes to get it through the Senate – if Democrats do not support, I truly believe they will be hurting their own party in the future.

  3. Gary says:

    “The left is, unsurprisingly, opposed to this bill, as their opposition to the financial industry is well-known. ”
    Until they want money from them, that is.

  4. Dodd-Frank should never have happened but then obama should never have happened to our country. Congress is finally doing their job and undoing the damage obama spent 8 years trying to ruin our country and overthrow our government. obama is still hell bent on doing that by becoming the next Secretary General of the UN. If that happens and we don’t get out of the UN, it will also be the end of our country as obama will do as much damage as he can worldwide.

    1. Papa says:

      Doesn’t the veto power extend to ratification of the next Secretary General? A U.S. veto would most likely be followed by Russia’s veto, since Obama has no credibility in that country.

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