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Constitutional Scholar Issues SCARY Warning About Obama’s New Gun Rules (VIDEO)

judge napolitano

President Barack Obama just issued sweeping executive orders to limit gun sales in America. In Obama’s final year in office, he’s taking direct aim at your Second Amendment rights.

As Fox News’ legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano opined on Fox News (below), Obama’s new plan means the President is acting without any authority granted to him by the Untied States Constitution.

Watch as the Judge explains how the Court has already ruled against Obama’s use of executive orders on the amnesty issue, while suggesting the court could to the same thing about guns. Obama knows this, which means, “The president is trying to act as if he has the authority to write laws.”

If we had a President who supported the rule of law, he would use his power of persuasion to encourage Congress to pass strict anti-gun control laws. But now we have a tyrant in the White House who is creating and enacting laws unilaterally!

Watch as the judge explains how guns are part of the “fundamental right to protect yourself” and the right to bear arms has been repeatedly upheld by the Supreme Court:

“I think [Obama] knows he doesn’t have the latitude to make this move. But I think he is interested in the last year of his presidency now I’m trying to get into his head … In this country we still have a Constitution. The Congress writes the laws. The president doesn’t write them. In this case, the Congress has expressly declined to enact the laws that he’s going to try and enact on his own.”

Via Fox News Insider

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