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Conservative Leaders Speak Out Against Trump – Here’s How He Responded!!

The highly respected magazine National Review has been defining what it means to be conservative for decades.

But their prominent position might be in peril after they went on the attack against Donald Trump, trying to sound the alarm that the billionaire, who once considered running for president as a Democrat, isn’t really a conservative, and is a danger to the movement.

Here’s the report from Fox News this morning:

As you can imagine, the Trumpinator was not enthused by the attack, and he mounted his own counter-offensive on Twitter:

Of course, previous to this, Trump had praised the magazine as essential to conservatism:

But are Trump voters the kind of people to care about what National Review says? Some analysts say his supporters aren’t even conservative, so they wouldn’t care what it does to the movement.

What do you think? Will Trump prevail over his detractors yet again? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!

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