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  1. Mary says:

    She is so right. When we delete our past, we lose our identity and become a weakened nation. Look how far we have come !!! We have grown as a people and a nation… and it is good.

  2. Philippe says:

    Ms. Rice makes perfect sense. The Confederate statues and flags do not celebrate slavery but group of Americans who fought for way of life which was being taken away. Lincoln ran his campaign promising to not expand slavery more than it was and then he flipped and decided to end it which meant literally stealing the entire investment slave holders had away from them. No remuneration. It is not worth discussing that the confederate statue and flag issues are nothing more than political fodder for the left who really want history and the Constitution changed. Why is there no celebration of the fact that the USA was the first country in the world to end slavery and the biggest slave traders throughout history and today even are the Arabs and they get a pass from the left.

  3. Bernie says:

    The government gives a person housing and welfare. How nice. Sounds like the old time slavery. Difference is one can sit around and not work from one generation to another. How stupid to complain about the culture of our early presidents and tear down our history.

  4. Dahn says:

    If it’s true that many of the Southern Civil War Hero statues were inspired by the KKK and not even constructed or displayed until the 1920’s, I would say they carried a strong message to the African American citizens. I can see that removing them, via consent of the citizens in each community (vs.political jockeying for gain) would be a move toward healing the years and years the Democratic Party supported slavery and then segregation and along with the strong white supremacy feelings in the South for countless generations, could add some healing balm to the injustices enacted upon many ancestors of African American citizens. I like what one young man who was interviewed said: “I’m proud of my southern heritage but I’m not proud of our stance in the Civil War.” It seems like most Americans could, at this point, fully agree with that statement.

  5. Siobhan says:

    So ridiculous. So should we erect a statue of Bin Laden in NY so we don’t forget history?
    Don’t forget history, don’t re-write history, but the statues should go.

  6. richard says:

    How is slavery ownership different then the leftist tell us that we don’t need a wall when they all live in big mansions with big tall WALLS. Hypocracy? Yes.

  7. richard says:

    I agree with her. Slavery is a fact. of the times and the left libs want to remove it. It’s called history for a reason. People today are just stupid! You can’t change history but you can learn from it!

  8. William says:

    I have always liked Condi Rice.
    There is an air of humility about her as well as knowledge.
    This article shows even more of the same.

    1. Thomas says:

      She is one special women and she can teach a lot of people both black and white the meaning of America. Now if that women ran for President hands down got my vote!

  9. poppDavid says:

    Do you think Condoleezza recognizes the difference between “men of their time” who created and supported the Constitution, and those who took up arms against the United States?

    People like Benedict Arnold doesn’t deserve a statue.

  10. Sam says:

    I wonder if any of our news sources even cares to broadcast this:
    CAIR has called for removal of all Confederate memorials

  11. Linda says:

    How I admire Condoleezza Rice.Always have and probably always will.

  12. Dahn says:

    Having grown up in the North, I never experienced the kind of discrimination that the Southern states lived out toward the citizens with an African heritage/lineage to a large degree. When we visited my daughter who went to Covenant College in Georgia, we were amazed to see that in Chattanooga Tennesee, just down the Lookout Mnt. road, there seemed to be a very poor neighborhood with a majority of the residents being Black. It almost looked like the Old South with it’s segregation. There is no doubt that those years had a very negative impact on our Black population. It’s not hard to imagine how discouragement and predjudice might affect an entire culture of people. Yet in the middle of that difficult climb out of the segregation period, many who knew God well were able to see their own worth and equality with every other American and they worked hard to rise above opression and dispell the darkened understanding of those who believed they were inferior. This darkness has been being dispelled for some time now and we see so many great Americans like Condi Rice being an outstanding testimony. Some want to tare down monuments, others do not. It seems like each community could have an intelligent conversation about it and hopefully everyone who respects public discourse and can present their beliefs without anger & distain & violence could be heard and recieved. Understanding helps when shared in a respectful manner. I think if removing Southerm War heroes’s statues helps the African American citizens heal, I’d be all for it. It really feels like a civil war is going on now with little respect for our Democratic Republic. The media have spread as many negative reports against our President and it is obviously no longer dependable “news” but a slander machine. Great to hear Condi Rice’s take on the statue debates. We do have so many wonderful citizens with an African biological heritage who have moved on to accomplish all this nation offers all its citizens. They recognize the evil from decades long gone by and appreciate what the present holds for themsleves & their families. Carrying grudges from past history instead of being thankful for progress is a bad “head space” to live in. We can be victors not victims. This is God’s intention for all of us.

  13. Doug says:

    Condoleezza Rice is a class person not like the other one Susan Rice.

  14. Dawn Marie says:

    As long as we continue to stay with our groups like good little citizens, the government has us as puppets. The left are master manipulators with this technique. You can listen to the government hype and be their willing victims when they call for you, or you can deny them their power by getting out of the group and choose to be an unwilling victim of their scheme.

    ALL hate groups should be denied by true freedom loving Americans! It is not their right to deny other groups theirs. Even groups that want special recognition for their “specialness” should lay off. Be yourself, why do you all have to get together and scream everyone else down? This doesn’t “Spread the love”, it pisses everyone else off who can’t or won’t join a group.

    I march to the beat of my own drum and respect others around me that do the same. You don’t need to put on marches, throw bricks, hold rallies. When you start thinking you deserve better than everyone not like you, I will just march on by. Life is too short for that.

  15. There is no REAL freedom. There is a status quo, which is real. It’s a real status quo. But in reality, in fact, there is less freedom than that pretends or implies. There are covert regimes of social engineering taking place and it is a crime, a racket, that is going on on a daily basis in this country. It is one thing for societies to form OPENLY and it is another thing for them to operate, just like cowards, in secret. Better think long and hard about that before you consider yourself “free”. And if you are wittingly part of such, hell awaits for such treachery. You’ll see when you get there.

  16. Don says:

    She IS Correct, the problem is, the Left does Not want any it’s followers to hear this. Watch as the Left will “twist” her words and try to put her down. For some reason, the Left seems stuck on destroying our Heritage, our History. How anyone can be Anti-America is beyond me.

  17. evwimena says:

    A very intelligent, articulate lady.

    Amazing…she was / is successful, while being black !

    I’m angry with Walt Disney because, for racial equality, I DEMAND a white Mickey Mouse !!
    That statement is as stupid as this statue $*17 that BLM idiots are demanding.

  18. James says:

    As Fredrick Douglass said: The Constitution is a Freedom Document! We need to understand what it actually says and stand up for it!!! Since our Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1787, our Constitution has penalized any state that had “non-free” persons. Ref. U. S. Constitution Sec. 1 Art. 2 regarding representation, “which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free persons,…three-fifths of all other persons.” This was known as the 3/5th’s Rule. States with “all free” citizens would receive one representative for each 30,000 citizens. States with “non-free persons” would need to have 50,000 persons to receive one representative. E.g. by the time a free state had 90.000 citizens it would have three representatives in the Federal Government, a state with “non-free persons” would still have only one! Any state with “non-free persons was penalized and incentivized to free their citizens for their own self-interest! Our Constitution was thought to be a “Freedom Document” by Fredrick Douglass, (and he should know) that is why he became a supporter and defender of the Constitution. Why all of our children are not taught this in school is a clear failure of our educational system. It was the nonfree states that were penalized!

  19. Robert says:

    She is a sensible woman. I agree with her. I”m ashamed of our history of slavery and I would never think of treating a human being like our ancestors did to the African American people. I’m soooo tired of all the racism, hate and violence going on in the news. I also don’t like the white racism going on. I and a lot of other people didn’t harm any of you but we seem to be blamed for slavery today. Our nation is in big trouble all the way around. Sad!

  20. Dennis says:

    For once Rice makes sense and isn’t pandering to her race.

    1. Craig says:

      For once? Where have you been?

      1. Doris says:

        I have never heard Cindi Rice Pander anything. She has always been poised, well spoken, beautiful manners and always treats others with kindness and respect. She has always had my admiration.

  21. Carl says:

    I fully subscribed to Condi’s message and outlook. We cannot destroy the past history, just as we cannot go back and correct the wrongs any of us committed in the past. Those who fail to study or learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It is long past time that we all, every one of us, to put aside our petty and selfish differences and go on with life, unite and live together equally. Good for you Condaleeza. Your life and experiences prove that we can do just that, if we so desire.

  22. Joe says:

    “What we should celebrate is that from the Jeffersons and the Washingtons as slave owners. Look at where we are now.”

    Ridiculous statement.

    Indeed, look at where we are now.

    Killing people in a half dozen countries, trying to overthrow governments we don’t like, and running a damned extrajudicial killing operation around the clock.

    The woman has always been kind of intelligent flake.

    She served the only certified moron president in history too, as he did plenty of killing.

    Readers may enjoy:


  23. Daniel says:

    Condi Rice comes from a distinguished Civil Rights Family<<

  24. Roger says:

    IMHO. Blacks were not included in the writing of the Constitution. Nor were Asians specifically. Nor American-Indians. The document, though, was so well written. So thoughtfully composed. So fair in it’s inclusion of common citizens that the opening was there. It must be remembered that the age in which it was written was an age of a small ruling class served by the vast majority of common people. That was the way of the entire world. How revolutionary it was to recognize any person of any background as equal to those who had the power. Had this not been the case non- caucasian people could not have been inserted later without another revolution. The world changed. Man matured. America was ready when the time was ripe. It was a struggle that every race had to go through. Equality of any one of any color is only about 250 years old. The progress of inclusion is, when you really think about it, quite remarkable. To have it all fall apart now over a difference of skin color would be catastrophe
    for all

    1. Johnny says:


    2. Thomas says:

      guess what neither where Italians, Irish, Jews, Spanish, Germans I can go on and on. So why do you think you as a black man is any different then the rest of us? Tell me?

  25. Mike says:

    She is absolutely right “they were people of their times” and we are people of our times. As anyone who has ever accomplished anything will tell you – you learn from your mistakes/errors. People of all walks of life have been slaves at one time or another throughout history. In our own day we are slaves to the media telling us what to buy, what to wear, You have to have the newest I-phone – the biggest tv in the neighborhood. Maybe they should erect statues to the new slave owners -the pimps – the drug dealers – the inner city gangs that keep people down – the credit card companies – we have been brainwashed to believe we have to have everything – and when you get it – you still are not happy you have to have more. People need to learn to appreciate what they do have – like the old saying goes – ” I was feeling sorry for myself because I had no shoes – then i saw a man who had no feet.”

    1. Robert says:

      I agree with you. Well put.

  26. Richard says:

    Why would anyone of any political persuasion have any praise for a corrupt, twisted worthless gutless liar. Her false claims led to the deaths of millions of people, the destruction of a nation and the wounding, maiming and death of thousands of young Americans, who sacrificed their lives to feed the nightmare of oligarchs, political lackeys and neo-conservative war mongers. There is not enough water on the planet to wash the Blood off Condaleeza Rice. Her stain will last for decades.

  27. Becky says:

    Thoroughly agree with this very intelligent and articulate woman!

  28. Marilyn says:

    I have long been an admirer of Ms. Rice. What an elegant, intelligent woman with both feet on the ground.

    I agree with her 100%. Now I am hearing rumblings about the Alamo and what it represents to Mexican-Americans. What next, church steeples? Friday night football? There will always be someone upset with something and the upset ones can just get over it. Of course, why should they when they can get our moronic leaders to remove and change things to please them.

    We are being destroyed from within and this is the Alinsky way. God help us.

    1. Irene says:

      We need to know that if America keeps going down this road that we’er on its not going to end good at all.

  29. Douglas says:

    The neo-confederates are worried that taking down the confederate statues will destroy their history and their heritage. There are no statues of Hitler in Germany and no one has forgot Hitler. History includes lynching Blacks when they looked at a white woman.

    1. Wanda says:

      As long as you trust your “education”, you’ll be in the dark about what really happened. Hint: It was about the 10th Amendment and had little application to slavery, lynching, whipping, etc. at all. In a Republic, as the USA was founded to be, any unit/state can leave if they wish, but Lincoln forced the war because the feds couldn’t survive without us and our money……It’s even more true today, and statues or no, forgetting an un-Constitutional war that gave ALL of us the massive and evil government we have today is never going to happen. I guess in your world ancient sins of the past justify massive destruction today as we saw at Ferguson and now in Charlottesville….sick.

    2. HOFFHACK says:

      Come on! I saw a guy get beat up for going on to an all white beach in Brooklyn, NY in 1955! Racism is not just in the South! And the “CIVIL WAR” was not fought over slavery! Racism starts at the diner table! And some of the worst racists I have ever seen are black!

      1. C P says:

        @HOFFHACK, you’re absolutely right. The liberals and left will NEVER be happy until they make us like them (which won’t happen.) All they’re going to do in response to what Condi Rice said is to continue their hate and call her an “Uncle Tom.” The sight of those idiot kids kicking that statue and trying to tear it up after it had been knocked down was just unbelievable. They don’t even know what they’re doing, they don’t know history, and they’re brainwashed. This is aberrant behavior and they’re too stupid to even know right from wrong, sadly.

    3. stageangel says:

      Douglas. If, in fact, you wore a military uniform, you are a disgrace to it. The KKK, is irrelevant today and does NOT carry out violent attacks. Yet, BLM and antifa do it almost every day. Fact is Robert E. Lee did NOT believe in slavery and did not own any. He actually surrendered, so that the war would not continue. If we erase history, we have nothing left to learn from. No, there are NO statues of Hitler, in Germany. However, there are many others as reminders of the atrocity.

      1. Douglas says:

        You are confused about the meaning of disgraced. It is a disgrace to commit treason to your country. It is one of the crimes listed in the Constitution. Traitors should not be honored with statues. History will not be forgotten because statues are taken down. If you have trouble remembering just put up a statue in your house, as for me I will read a book or google. Lee’s troops under his command were allowed to raid settlements during major operations like the 1863 invasion of Pennsylvania to capture free blacks for enslavement. Disgrace? History….The allies carried out violent attacks against the Nazis and the Nazis fought back. I suppose you want to put up Nazi statues so we won’t lose “history”.

    4. Barbara says:

      No, no statues, They left the Dachau, Auschwitz prisoner camps. A building houses pictures of the people there. They have the camps to remind them of their history. The camps more speaking than any statue. .

    5. Pamela says:

      Turn in your uniform you traitor to America.
      The DImocraps were the KKK and they still ARE the kkk. Dimocraps OPPOSED all the civil rights legislation and LBJ said the legislation would KEEP THE BLACKS (he USED the “N” word) on the Dimocrap plantation for the next 200 years.

    6. Carroll says:

      disgrace is a left wing marine, MSgt USAF Ret

  30. Sheila says:

    Well said, Ms. Rice! It is a mistake to try to erase history.

  31. LastTaxPayer says:


  32. Jeff says:

    She’d get my vote for President.

    1. June says:

      It will never happen, Rice was born here and is an American she was not born in Kenya, and she is not a Socialist Liberal and not black enough Her biggest problem is she supports the Constitution.

      Our MSM and our Socialist would destroy her in a run for presidency all in the name of their Socialist Utopia with George Soros as there king

      Anyone demonstrating and calling for the removal of any President thru violence should be charged and tried for Sedition. Openly seditious elite Socialist Liberal Progressive Democrats and RINOs should be shown the inside of our courts and jails.

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