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VIDEO: College Students Asked to Sign Petition in SUPPORT of ISIS… Guess What Happened Next?

Dan Joseph of MRCtv likes to have fun getting college students to display their left-wing ignorance on camera. But when he went on the campus of George Mason University in Northern Virginia to ask students to sign a petition to support the Islamic State (ISIS), his results were mixed:

Over the period of about an hour, I stood on the campus of George Mason University in Northern Virginia and asked passing students to sign my petition. The petition was adorned with the ISIS flag above the unambiguous headline, “SUPPORT ISIS.”

I was able to accumulate 11 signatures and email addresses from students at this institute of higher education. Students who will, one day, go into the world and have real responsibilities. Students who, will one day, have children. Students who probably vote in presidential elections.

But, It wasn’t all bad news.

Several students refused to sign and a couple even hurled expletives at me when I told them what I was doing. At one point, I was concerned that I might get beat up. To be fair, I probably deserved it.

Via CNS News

It is truly frightening that anyone would sign a petition in support of a violent Islamic terrorist organization, especially on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks in new York.

But I have a feeling those 11 students are more ignorant than they are supportive of global Jihad… as Sharia Law would be a major cramp on fraternity parties.

Why do you think those 11 students signed such a ridiculous petition? Please leave a comment and let us know.