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Chicago Lays Off 365 Teachers

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been fighting President Trump for federal funds after refusing to drop the “sanctuary city” status. But bad news just arrived for city residents, and it’s all because of Emanuel’s grandstanding.


While Emanuel is off fighting D.C., the Chicago public school system just told 365 teachers they were laid off until further notice. School children are going to be devastated after this news.

The main question in this scenario is when will we have leadership that cares about our schools? The effects of Emanuel’s crusade are apparent: A bunch of layoffs, staff applying elsewhere, talent being drained from the city.

And it gets worse when it comes to the city’s future fiscal woes.

Source: Free Beacon

Officials for the school district said that the layoffs are connected to declining enrollment and the state’s lack of a budget deal, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Stacy Davis Gates of the Chicago Teachers Union blamed Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D.) as well as Gov. Bruce Rauner (R.) for the problem.

“Ultimately, the mayor has to stop waiting on a man who allowed the entire state to go without a budget for two years,” Gates said. “If we’re waiting on Bruce Rauner to figure out how to equitably fund CPS, it’s not going to happen.”

No Illinois public schools will receive state funding as long as the governor and General Assembly remain at odds. Rauner cast an amendatory veto on an education bill he deemed a “bailout” for Chicago schools last week, and the schools are not slated to receive their scheduled payment Thursday.

Teachers in Chicago are paid more than $78,000 on average, well above the city’s median income, according to an analysis by the Daily Caller. Teachers’ pensions have been a source of long-term financial worries for years.

Chicago is in a bad position and if voting never mattered, it matters now!

How about this, was there any forethought in informing these teachers about possible layoffs before they happened? They should’ve told people who were going to be laid off when school let out a couple of months ago so they could’ve been looking for a job.


I hope these people can find work fast! I can’t begin to imagine finding out I don’t have a job after the entire summer break. If either Rauner or Rahm was going to pull this move – they should have done it at the beginning of summer break. Not at the end where people’s savings might be running dry.



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