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Starbucks refugees

Liberals are still mad about President Donald J. Trump’s limited and temporary “travel ban”… An executive order which prohibited travel of refugees and immigrants from 7 countries which ties to […]

donald trump hillary joke

Today, President Donald J. Trump met with top CEOs of American manufacturing companies. Trump had the room laughing after he cracked a joke that Lockheed Martin’s Marillyn Hewson clearly wanted […]

voter fraud

A bombshell new report by Just Facts alleges¬†that illegal aliens – millions of them – could have registered and voted in the 2016 presidential election. And you can bet they […]

jackie evancho trump

Teen singing star Jackie Evancho became a world-wide celebrity after performing at President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. Her album sales on Amazon soared, and she was quickly signed to a […]

cnn leaks

James O’Keefe founder of whistleblower Project Veritas, has been promising to release hours of leaked recordings from inside the CNN newsroom. Reportedly, there are hundreds¬†of hours of embarrassing audio from […]

california travel ban

While the left freaks out about President Donald J. Trump’s limited and temporary “travel ban” for 7 countries with connections to terrorism, California is doing something we should all take […]

wikileaks john mccain

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has had harsh words recently for President Donald J. Trump. He has been a vocal advocate of the conspiracy theory that the Russian government “hacked” the […]

elizabeth warren rejected

Now that Hillary Clinton’s political career seems to be over, Democrats want to replace her with someone who can speak for their misguided causes. Democrats’ loss in 2016 was so […]

nestle moving to virginia

***UPDATE*** The Glendale Chamber of Commerce has responded to Nestle’s decision to leave, with chief executive Judee Kendall saying “We’re very disappointed to see them go. They’ve been great corporate […]

franklin graham melania

Over the weekend, liberals and the establishment media freaked out after First Lady Melania Trump joined her husband’s rally in Florida and recited the Lord’s Prayer. The choice was a […]

michelle obama lunch

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “healthy” school lunch mandates have been imposed on school districts across America. With strict calorie limitations, schools were stuck between giving up federal funding or […]

mattis goes to work

President Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis earned his nickname “Mad Dog” through his years of hard work and service to America. He is relentless when it comes to completing […]