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Melania Trump

A very Happy Birthday to First Lady Melania Trump! On this day, April 26, 1970, the beautiful Melania Trump was born. Hard to believe this classy First Lady is 47 […]

Nancy Pelosi Health

People are talking about this shocking video of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi struggling to deliver remarks to Refugees International. Pelosi had significant trouble finding and pronouncing the right words […]

liberals block free speech

In recent weeks, the intolerant left has been in an all-out war trying to silence conservatives across this country. Rather than allow for a free-range of ideas, liberals have resorted […]

Trump tax plan

On Wednesday, the Trump administration released a long-awaited tax reform plan to help simplify the system and alleviate pressure on Americans struggling under the burden of excessively high rates. President […]

Hillary IRS

It’s taking years to dig through all the corruption from Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department. The “pay to play” was on a scale never seen before in American […]

obamacare repeal

Following Donald Trump’s victory in November, we were promised that congressional Republicans would have an Obamacare repeal bill on Trump’s desk on day one. Clearly there’s been a bit of […]

Trump tax plan

On Wednesday, the Trump administration unveiled details of their long-awaited tax plan, with the goal of bringing relief to millions of businesses and individuals across the country. The plan, which […]

black lives matter fire

A man inspired by the Black Lives Matter riots in Ferguson, Missouri, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for starting one of the biggest fires in Los Angeles County history. […]

sanctuary city judge obama

Frustration is bubbling up, as President Trump unleashed on the recent court rulings against his travel ban, and most recently an order to withhold federal funding from so-called ‘sanctuary’ cities. In early […]

fox news lawsuit

This has been a difficult week for Fox News. After the departure of Roger Ailes due to sexual harassment accusations, their most popular host Bill O’Reilly was forced out for […]

Ted Cruz border wall

This Friday, unless Congress passes yet another continuing resolution, the federal government will once again run out of money and “shut down.” One of the major sticking points in whether […]

heritage foundation protest

A group of liberal protesters stormed the offices of the Heritage Foundation, only to be ousted minutes later and then have their demonstration used as a promotion for the group […]