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joe biden naked

Since Bill Clinton’s day of reckoning appears to be upon us, perhaps it’s time to review former Vice President Joe Biden’s history of strange behavior. Behavior that includes being grope-happy […]

East Coweta prayers

This is such a great story. A high school football coach was targeted by an atheist group for praying along with his players, successfully lobbying the district to order him […]

anti-trump truck

The owner of a truck baring a giant decal proclaiming “F— TRUMP” was arrested on fraud charges in Texas Thursday. The truck first gained attention Wednesday when Fort Bend County […]

allred moore signature

Oh, Gloria Allred, never change. The famed attorney has jumped into the fray, involving herself in the ongoing scandal surrounding Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Moore is accused of harassing […]

brenda lawrence

Another one bites the dust. It looks like the revelations of Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein will turn out to be a culture-defining moment. Across the country, men are being outed […]

raging bull

The first prototypes for President Donald Trump’s border wall are being built, and while the border wall won’t be finished for another few years, it does only aim to combat […]

democrats cheer clinton

They want so desperately for you to believe they care about victims of sexual assault. They want you to think all women have a right to be believed when they […]

juanita broaddrick nbc

What’s that saying about hell and fury and woman scorned? Because if you take the temperature in Arkansas right now, I bet it’s hotter than damnation. Juanita Broaddrick, the woman […]

tucker carlson sanctuary

Tucker Carlson invited Kathy Sheehan, mayor of Albany, New York, on his show to discuss the virtues of presiding over a so-called ‘sanctuary city.’ For some reason, she accepted the […]

gillibrand clinton

Kirsten Gillibrand, the ever-opportunistic senator from New York, condemned former President Bill Clinton, saying he should have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky affair. What an absolute joke. An insult to […]

scalise sam johnson

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) is loving life. And why wouldn’t he be, having survived an assassination attempt on a congressional baseball field earlier this year? Scalise has been using a […]

gun control constitution

USA Today was recently mocked for a video which showed possible modifications to an AR-15 that included an attachment for a ‘chainsaw bayonet.’ The video showed the “Texas Church Gunman’s […]