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US withdraws from human rights council

The United Nations has made it clear that they only have one criterion for something to be considered a “violation of human rights” – that Israel is the perpetrator. In […]

Obama detained immigrants

The media is trying their absolute best to keep this information from you because it would expose former President Barack Obama and the entire journalism profession as the hypocrites they […]

Trey Gowdy James Comey

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy unleashed on former FBI Director James Comey at a Tuesday morning congressional hearing. The hearing was a joint session held by the House Oversight and Judiciary […]

ig fbi bias

If this is true, it’s only going to increase the calls for President Trump to fire Robert Mueller. (RELATED: Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Calls for Firing Jeff Sessions, Ending […]

juanita broaddrick bill clinton metoo

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Juanita Broaddrick for The Political Insider. As regular readers know, Juanita claims she was brutally raped by former President Bill Clinton […]

Brad Parscale mueller

Well, this came out of left field. And if President Trump isn’t careful and follows this advice, he might find himself in a load of trouble. Last February, President Trump […]

Occupy Wall Street ICE

So much for the tolerant left. Liberals have found a new boogeyman in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for doing exactly what they’ve been doing since the division was created. […]

myths about family immigration policy

One look at social media will tell you that President Donald Trump is needlessly and cruelly separating illegal immigrant parents from their children at America’s southern border. The liberal media […]

support for Russia investigation

If there was collusion between President Donald Trump and the Russians during his 2016 election campaign, liberals have to admit that they’re brilliant masterminds. After all, it’s now been nearly […]

Richard Painter ad

Yes, this really is a dumpster fire. U.S. Senate Candidate Richard Painter, who is running as a Democrat in Minnesota, put this ad out yesterday that is perhaps the more […]

illegals claiming asylum

DHS secretary Krisjen Nielsen slammed the media for their inaccurate reporting on families being separated on the U.S.-Mexico border. All discussions on this subject should be prefaced with the obvious […]

sarah sanders laura bush

Color me not surprised that the only time Laura Bush speaks out about a presidential administration, it’s the Trump Administration. The former First Lady spoke out about President Trump’s ‘zero […]