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clinton foundation

According to two experts, the Clinton Foundation should have never been a registered non-profit and should have been seen as a foreign agent. This testimony was given before the House […]

elizabeth warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren, during a commencement speech at historically black Morgan State University in Baltimore, admitted she is “not a person of color.” Warren, just two months removed from her […]

kamala harris

A woman who alleged sexual harassment by a top aide of then-Attorney General Kamala Harris notified the department of her intent to sue months before the senator left the office. […]

chris christie

UPDATE – Chris Christie has reportedly taken himself out of the running: And again deleting clarifying earlier post, right statement this time – Christie was not offered the job, took […]

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is requesting that the Department of Justice change guidelines that prohibit a sitting President from being indicted. The call comes as President Trump’s former lawyer has […]

government shut down

Trump puts up his dukes Finally! Finally we have a Republican President who is willing to fight back against the swamp. Willing to fight back against the big government, open […]

michelle obama

Michelle Obama paid a Christmas visit to Colorado’s children hospital and read “The Night Before Christmas” to the patients. Michelle brought more than just light reading to her visit. She […]

Joy Behar, host of ABC’s “The View,” claims Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) should go to prison for not opposing President Trump. Not surprisingly, Behar, who recently celebrated her 20th year […]

michael flynn

President Trump, responding to new allegations that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was coerced into forgoing a lawyer during an interview with the FBI, claims “he didn’t lie” and it […]

The Huffington Post produced a report which explored the possibility that the children’s Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, is a racist story. Most people view Rudolph as a heart-warming […]

Archaeologists have discovered a ring bearing the name of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who conducted the trial and ordered the crucifixion of Jesus. Researchers in Israel say the artifact was […]

A Massachusetts church set up their Christmas nativity display this year by posing baby Jesus inside a small steel cage as a show of support for illegal immigrants. In the scene, […]