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Neil Cavuto

It’s no secret that the so-called “mainstream media” in America is liberal. Apart from Fox News and various alternative sources of news, America’s corporate media is dominated by liberals who […]

Clinton Foundation

While Democrats are busy making up lies about President Donald J. Trump and Russian leaders, they conveniently forget their candidate for President in 2016 is the most corrupt, unethical politician […]

Chuck Schumer

The top Senate Democrat, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), caused a massive scene in Manhattan after screaming and yelling at supporter of President Donald J. Trump’s. The shocking situation happened in the […]

voter fraud

The Nebraska Democratic Party dropped voter registration forms into gift baskets being provided to new refugees, and now one lawmaker is demanding “corrective action” be taken. A Facebook video posted […]

ford jobs

Ever since Donald J. Trump won the 2016 presidential election, the successful businessman has touted the millions of new jobs that have been announced in the few short months since […]

White House lockdown

The U.S. Secret Service placed the White House on a full lockdown today, after a suspicious package was found. Here is what we know: .@SecretService investigating suspicious package near @WhiteHouse […]

travel ban

A group of 13 states – 12 attorneys general and 1 Governor – have filed a brief with a federal appeals court adamantly defending President Trump’s temporary travel ban from […]

nigel farage california

It’s no secret that California is one of the most liberal states in America. In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump by 30 points in the state, […]

Trump EPA

During Barack Obama’s eight years in office, his administration went to great lengths to promote its “global warming”¬†agenda. Through the power of the EPA, the Obama White House issued dozens […]

trump impeachment

Democrats have been screeching about impeaching President Trump since before he even took office, and they haven’t let up since. California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters repeated her oft stated goal […]

johnny rotten trump

Recently, people have expressed the idea that conservatism is the new punk rock, the new counterculture. In a world where left-wing PC madness demands conformity, it’s conservatives who are the […]

trey gowdy

On CBS’ Face the Nation, John Dickerson¬†tried to catch conservative hero Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) off-guard about President Donald Trump’s allegations that Barack Obama wiretapped his campaign in 2016. But […]