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Kids are literal. If you tell them something, they’ll believe it and they’ll believe it exactly how you said it. It is part of what makes them innocent and the […]

dog joke

Dogs may be “man’s best friend” but when it comes to dogs vs. men, there is only one who is a true friend to women. Where men can be grouchy […]

annoying coworker joke

We all have that one co-worker in the office who claims to know everyone there is to know. You know him, thatĀ one guy who upon hearing any story will one-up […]

political joke

Running for re-election can be a difficult undertaking, with most politicians willing to pull out all the stops. It’s called ‘pressing the flesh’ – getting out in the real world […]

favorite hymns

A local priest was overwhelmed by a donation made by one of his parishioners, and thanked her by allowing her to pick three hymns that Sunday. The woman picked her […]

surprising facts

Have you ever had a friend tell you a random fact that sounds too good to be true? A fact such as “The lighter was invented before the match” or […]

Kids are honest, almost to a fault. They get in trouble for it, but I think its part of what makes them special. This kid’s honesty, in particular, says a […]

liberal hypocrisy

It’s not always easy being a liberal. Some have even gone so far as to suggest liberalism may be a disorder of the mind. One thing is certain, however – […]

military joke

Our military takes all kinds. As it should. You don’t need to be a genius to be willing to sign up and defend this great land of ours. But this […]

Mothers are amazing. They’re smart and loving and fair and tough all at the same time. They also have to think about things that no one else ever has to […]

life lessons

No one truly knows the secret to leading a successful life, but there’s no doubt people will scour the Earth trying to findĀ the answers. While the secrets to success remain […]

grandchildren jokes

Don’t kids just say the funniest things? They seem to have such a clear grasp of the logic of the world, but they’re just missing a bit of wisdom. This […]