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little johnny joke

Many times, teachers will do their best to bring out maximum effort in their students. The best teachers have little tricks they’ve learned along the way to make that happen. […]

FBI Trump investigation

For months, Democrats have demanded non-stop investigations. They bought into the conspiracy theory that Russia controlled Donald Trump’s campaign. The Trump investigation has gone on for months. There have been no […]

2 dollar bill joke

This is a brilliant way to show just what happens after 8 years of Obama… The following is a true story. It amused the hell out of me while it […]

liberals silent on venezuela

There’s a quote from John Derbyshire that immediately comes to mind anytime I hear someone justifying socialism by talking about all the “free stuff” it affords the citizens: “Wherever there is […]

lawyer jokes

Who doesn’t love a funny lawyer joke? There is no profession that is made fun of more…and deservedly so! The 18th-century poet John Gay described society’s hatred of lawyers best: A Fox […]

Why would anyone call their mother a liar? And why would we address this with Mother’s Day being celebrated this weekend? One man recounts 8 lies that his mother told […]

car crash facebook message

This man spotted a serious car crash and posted on Facebook about the rescue efforts. Amazingly, strangers worked together to save a woman trapped inside, and that story went viral. […]

facts about men

To take a break from politics, we like to talk about things here that REALLY divide America. Namely the differences between men and women. While men mostly lose the argument […]

lorna gray

Famous actress Lorna Gray, who was also billed as Adrian Booth, appeared opposite Hollywood titans such as John Wayne, Buster Keaton, and Boris Karloff, along with The Three Stooges. She […]

Bruce Hampton

Famous musician Col. Bruce Hampton, a legendary Jam band icon, died on stage during the final moments of a benefit concert honoring his 70th birthday at the Fox Theatre in […]

politicians joke

Politicians are always trying to take shortcuts to get more personal benefits, aren’t they? So it should come as no surprise when a barber offered up his services to several […]

childhood obesity

America has an obesity problem, especially among children. Rates of obesity have nearly tripled over the last 40 years. Just take a look at the numbers: There are a lot […]