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Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz Responds to Vegas Tragedy With Christian Message

After weeks of NFL National Anthem protests and liberals celebrating the murder of 59 innocent people in Las Vegas because they’re assumed to be Trump voters, this is a breath of fresh air.

The morning after the Vegas massacre, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz put out a simple, powerful Tweet with a much-needed Christian message. Take a look:

Those four words – “The world needs Jesus” – sum it all up right there.

Of course, liberals HATED it, wanting him to push for gun control (not likely considering he gave his offensive linemen shotguns for Christmas) rather than “finding solace in a make believe man in the clouds.”

But Wentz has said in the past he has no problem sharing his faith, “I always tell people, for example, ‘If you love your job, you love your wife, you love what you do, you’re going to talk about it. Well, I love Jesus.’ That’s what I love, so I’m going to talk about it. But I’m not going to force it down your throat either.”

Wentz has sent out several other Tweets since the NFL season began, giving glory to God and encouraging others to connect with God through Scripture and prayer.

Wentz not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk. The AO1 hashtag is a reference to his foundation called Audience of One – the website explains, “No matter what he does in life, Carson is living for an Audience of One — Jesus.” The AO1 Foundation’s mission is “to demonstrate the love of God by providing opportunities and support for the less fortunate and those in need.”

The foundation’s objectives involve supporting underprivileged youth living abroad, providing hunting and outdoor opportunities for veterans and others with physical challenges, and giving service dogs to needy youth.

What an impressive young man! We wish him well in his NFL career and hope he continues to bless people with the Word of God, no matter what people who think He’s “a made up man in the clouds” say.



What do you think? Do you agree with Carson Wents that the world needs Jesus or is that offensive to say? Tell us in the comments below!