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  1. Steve says:

    Well, what’s clear is that there’s a headline writer who is extremely confused (at best), since the headline has absolutely nothing to do with the article.

  2. Jim says:

    Cary you are a Great Singer and a devout Christian the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you

    1. Balooba says:

      Bless you in the Name of the Lord Roscoe who came and died for our Sins Threee times giving a bleever two more times the Salvation as that other savior dude.

  3. Bender says:

    My Comment, #450:

    Lying for Jesus again.
    Everywhere you go, someone is lying for Jesus.
    And all the loving God people are willing
    to believe the worst of atheists,
    and to be tools of a marketing scam.

    “What will sell this God song? Let’s tell them atheists are attacking it!”

    Yee-haw! And they fell for it.

  4. Bob says:

    They didn’t want Elvis Presley to sing gospel songs either but he was insistent on cutting a gospel record.

  5. Michael says:

    And yet this hypocrite sings a song about sleeping with a guy whose last name she doesn’t know.

    1. Bender says:

      Of course.
      THAT figures!

  6. Ginger says:

    You go girl..

  7. 10th Amendment is the Solution says:

    I just don’t understand why folks get so worked up about other people’s beliefs. (and wonder if its not just a vocal minority that the press gives attention, since it stirs the pot and attracts readers).

    Carrie is an American and is free to express herself. Is what she is saying hurting anyone.

    I’m not a believer (but a conservative/libertarian, Cruz/Carson/Walker supporter), but love Carrie’s music and love the fact that she has strong beliefs that she stands behind.

    What are these non-believers afraid of??? Carrie’s statements have no impact on their lives.

    Our country is becoming a sorry place. Hopefully the failings of Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, etc. are getting the attention of the voters and we can get someone in the WH to complete the trifecta and get this country moving in the right direction again in 2017

  8. Holly says:

    To be honest, I’m a complete Atheist but for me, this song rings true to me so much that it moves me to tears every time I hear it because it reminds me of a previous relationship that I wasn’t happy in and I got out of it and I am so much happier now and I totally did the right thing. So I really don’t think you can be so ignorant or dismissive or judgemental because this song can mean so much to so many people

  9. Jeremiah says:

    What atheist is against this song? I haven’t heard any atheist outrage and you didn’t cite any in your ‘article’. And what was her response to this supposed outrage? That wasn’t metioned either.

  10. Aaron says:

    Speaking for all atheists (every single one on the planet) we absolutely do not care. Just wanted to make sure you guys didn’t think we went around getting upset about every religious notion under the sun… We really don’t care. Have a great day.

  11. Eddie says:

    Not a TOUGH Message but a Message of HOPE. INSPIRATION and LOVE. You can’t help but feel the touch of a HIGHER POWER pouring over you as she sings this song, because her lovely voice is Angelic, and a sound of spiritual uplifting. Even Atheists have a heart and soul that God gave them, otherwise they wouldn’t have a living mind to state their opinions and make their own intellectual determinations about life, in general. And man is not perfect. Religion is not perfect. But God’s eternal love is. And that is something that we can only experience for ourselves, not something we have to discover in a book.

  12. Daniel says:

    This is such b.s. no atheists are trying to get her music banned. This is all a publicity stunt with no basis in reality.

  13. Mark says:

    Atheists don’t really care what she sings about. Why are you pushing a false message? I thought “bearing false witness” was against your religion? http://www.snopes.com/music/artists/underwood.asp

  14. Jennifer says:

    I hate to bust ya’ll bubble and all but no…her song isn’t making anyone mad. http://www.snopes.com/music/artists/underwood.asp

    1. Melissa says:

      Best comment ever. A simple Fact Check.

      I would like to see Carrie, come out now to publicly to defend the atheist community from this vicious slander and hate-mongering.

  15. David says:

    I like Carrie Underwood. – however, you provide no sources whatsoever. WHICH atheists are attacking Carrie for her Christian songs? The comments from atheists I’ve seen are completely ambivalent – they don’t care what she records. Our Christian witness should be above reproach. Attacking non-believers for something you’ve made up – is just wrong.

  16. Mackenzie says:

    It was a rumor. The comments came from an unrelated 2012 interview. Please check your sources more carefully.

  17. Charles says:

    In reading many of these postings, I dismay at the ignorance of so many when it comes to the Bible. Jesus said at one point that his people perish because of lack of knowledge. The goes for today’s times also. One point I would like to make is this: There are so many who think that it is not our responsibility to warn others of sin in their lives. Please read Ezekiel Chp. 33: vs 7-9. ” So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me. When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shall surely die; If thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.”
    That principle surely applies today, just as it did in Ezekiel’s time. A true Christian will warn someone when they are in obvious error of God’s word. To not do so, that person would not be his or her friend. In this case, we are not judging ( as in something we are just assuming), but are judging “righteous judgement” as we are told to do. We would not be that person’s friend is we did not warn him. Yes, God will judge him in the last day, but that will be too late for that person that we might have been able to save. There is too much “go along to get along” in our society today. People don’t want to hear the truth because it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. We HAVE to fit our lives to the Bible, not the other way around.

  18. Gabrielle says:

    I am all for people believing in whatever they want to believe in, but I don’t agree with the authors ending of “Especially with our misguided atheist friends.” Carrie can belt about whoever she believes in, but nobody else has to agree with the words.

  19. Benjamin says:

    I do not see the song as a Christian song. It is not performed with the dignity required. It does not give a representation of how a person is born again. There in nothing in the water that does any of the things she sings about and I consider it a dangerous message as it takes our eyes off Jesus and has us looking at what’s in the water. And the answer is, there’s nothing in the water.

    Receiving Christ as your personal Savor and being baptized in the Holy Spirit, THAT is salvation.

    I like Carrie but she needs to start living for Christ after she get’s born again and agrees to obey the written Word of God.

  20. Linda says:


  21. g says:

    Atheist here, we don’t care what she sings about, really. Knock off the faux persecution already, and keep your religion out of schools and government.

  22. Sabrina says:

    Wow, seriously people check your facts. Atheists don’t care!!

  23. Pascale says:

    Wait, which atheists? The ones who are shocked that a country music artist is religious? *crickets* Oh, that’s right, none of us care … but it’s cute of you to try to stir up the nonexistent pot 🙂

  24. Barbara says:

    SAW THIS COMING A MILE AWAY!!! ALL SHE DID WAS SIGN A CONTRACT FOR HER CAREER AND SHE CAN BE POLITICALLY CORRECT HAWKING THE DEVIL’s CRAP! Jesus came to me years ago. I will say it. Gay marriage is wrong! HE died for the forgiveness of all of our sins, NOT FOR US TO “JUST GO OUT AND SIN AGAIN AND AGAIN AND IT BE PERFECTLY OK BECAUSE HE SHED HIS BLOOD FOR US TO DO SO!” It is wrong, wrong, wrong. Period. Now cast your stones at me By God!

  25. Diane says:

    A lot of the comments I have read are a lot of BS about nothing sorry

  26. Jarred says:

    I’m an atheist…and no, this does not make me mad in the slightest. How silly.

  27. Paul says:

    I’m sorry, but atheist are familiar with the bible. It’s how many of us became atheists in the first place. In fact, many atheists know more about the bible than many that claim allegiance to it. And second, given that the premise of this article – that atheists are up in arms over this song – has been proven to be a lie, do I really need to remind you of the commandment forbidding the giving of false witness? The perpetrators of this fraud have sinned against God according to the bible.

  28. Beaner says:

    This is a false claim but it’s funny how! No one seems to do any research about it tho.

  29. Feudal says:

    Well, I for one am not a believer, but I respect those people I know who do believe, and I really like the song, and love Carrie’s voice and music.

  30. Avery says:

    Can you actually name any atheist group, blog, page, or even individual who cares about this song?

  31. Andy says:

    As an atheist, I don’t really understand what it is I’m supposed to be offended by here. You’re more than entitled to your religion and you’re more than entitled to sing your beliefs, why would it upset me? Indeed, I appreciate that many songs I enjoy include Christian lyrics. The Beatles, Creed, well, I very long list actually, they all have lyrics that sing of their Christina faith and I could probably find a few that sing of other faiths too. I am however upset by this article and the way it makes incorrect assumptions about what I personally believe, I don’t like the way it’s just telling people I’m angry about something that I’m not. It’s this post and it’s writing that’s offensive, I don’t think I could care less about the religious statements made in this song.

  32. Sue says:

    Atheists are not “Mad as Hell” about her song, as a matter of fact, they could care less. This sounds much more like a publicity stunt to sell more records. After reading many of these comments, it seems there are lot more judgmental christians, than secular people who have issues with Carrie Underwood, since so many of you Christians can’t get over the fact that she came out in support of homosexuals.

  33. Bill says:

    The headline accomplished it’s intended purpose. As a Christian myself I was curious as to what atheists were so “MAD AS HELL” about in regards to a song. As others have pointed out, there was nothing in the article denoting any mention of mad as hell atheists as the headline suggests. I believe the real purpose of that attention grabbing headline was to get 1) To get people to listen to the song and 2) do just what we are doing now. Talking about it, both pro and con.

    I don’t know if your like me, a bottom line person. Have you ever gone shopping for a car or for something you really, really want and the seller stands before you telling you all the great features and how great it is. The features or whatever may be nice but what really sells the car is what is the bottom line. What’s it gonna cost me. If the cost it to high regardless of the neat features, your gonna pass. So with that it mind, here is my bottom line with Christian belief vs Atheist belief.

    From what I have read most Atheists tend to believe that logic is more important than conviction, fact more important than belief, and material objects are more important that soul. A good number of Atheists believe that there is no higher being. Does this mean that Atheists are bad people? No it does not. No more than saying all Christians are bad people because of a few over zealous Christians (Westboro Baptist Church) comes to mind.

    What we have here is the classic standoff, one side says there is no God, the other side says there is. The one thing both sides have in common is “SHOW ME”. It comes down to one belief versus another belief. Since there is no way that an Atheist can prove to me that God does not exist that would satisfy me and in turn there would be nothing I could do to prove to the satisfaction of an Atheist that god does exist. We are at as they say in chess a “stalemate”. It’s either one or the other. He does or he doesn’t exist. There is no third choice. That’s why they call it faith.

    Here is my bottom line. If the Atheist is correct and that there is no God, he’s nothing but a myth, fairy tale and Santa Clause if you will. Then I have lost nothing in believing. I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face and go to sleep the same way. Happy in my belief that the Lord is watching over me and when the day comes for me to leave, I will be going home to be with him. It’s kind of like the feeling you get when you’ve been away from home for a long time and going back for a visit knowing your going to get to see your family again. It puts a smile on your face and just makes your day no matter what happens.

    True Atheists on the other hand believe that they have absolutely nothing to look forward to. Your born, you live with no greater purpose, you work and play and then you die. Open a hole in the ground, put you in it, cover it up and done.

    So If I’m right and he’s wrong, let me put it this way. There are no do overs after your dead. You’ve made your choice and it’s forever.

  34. Jewel says:

    people say god hates gays why because the bible says so the bible has been rewritten and rewritten and rewritten so many times and each time something is changed in the bible so how can you truely know i know in the bible Jesus heals a romen Centurions boy friend so jesus seem not to have problem with gay people and if he didnt why should anyone else Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10. In Matthew

  35. Bill says:

    Silly headline. Atheist do not get “mad” at those who hold religious beliefs, or sing about them. There are thousands of religious based or inspired songs and pieces of music, and no one is mad over it. If she wants to sing about her beliefs, that is her right.

  36. Jeanie says:

    I love all Carrie’s songs especially with Jesus in it. F**K THOSE ATHEISTS!! Keep up the great songs Carrie! I LOVE JESUS!

  37. Tina says:

    cant wait to see the atheists on judgement day… Last I heard this was a free country.. this is her way of showing it. She believes as alot of us do in GOD. the atheists dont so move on get over it. If you don’t like her song don’t buy her music plain and simple.. got all these haters on here for no reason .. put that energy to good use somewhere else.. good grief..

  38. Doug says:

    Most atheists (this one included) don’t listen to country music and could not care less about the content of Ms. Underwood’s songs. Have fun playing with your straw man, though! 🙂

  39. Doug says:

    Most atheists don’t listen to country music and could care less what Ms. Underwood sings about. But have fun playing with your strawman! 🙂

  40. Frank says:

    Sooo, what did the bad atheists say? I see no quotes, I see no links, just a phantom accusation that calls atheists bad people.

  41. zklarer says:

    Well I’m an atheist and not upset, great song. Jesus take the wheel was pretty good as well. Good melody, she has a great voice and the words obviously mean a lot to her. That’s what good music is about, a good tune with a message that comes from the heart. I appreciate that regardless of the message.

  42. Christina says:

    Shame on you guys! Seriously. Not one atheist cares or has posted that they care. We’re called to be the hands and feet of Christ. PULL people in…. body of Christ? Right? Know what’s sad? A lot of the Christians on this post sound more like heathens than the atheists. We’re so quick to condemn, and not love people where they’re at then we get mad when they don’t want to hear us talk about our savior… I wonder why? Be real. Before you start slapping someone in the forehead why don’t you try loving them. You’re more likely to impact them rather than getting all in a huff. Set the example. Love like Jesus loved. This is what’s wrong with the Christian community and why non believers can’t stand us. It’s not bc we worship God it’s because we do then we go out and act better than everyone else when we don’t have it together at all. Remove the log from your eye before you try to remove the speck from your brothers.
    Rant. End. I’m gonna listen to the song now and eat my queso.

  43. Kimberly says:

    I’m not mad. I’m also not lost without God’s guidance. This article is pointless.

  44. Kimberly says:

    I’m not mad. I’m also not lost without God’s guidance. This article was pointless.

  45. Vi says:

    Agnostic here. I care naught for Carrie Underwood’s Christian views. I even like her song “Jesus take the Wheel” even though I personally think that it’s silly to release the wheel if you’re about to get into a car accident. I thought God only helps those who help themselves? I get it, that’s why religion is so powerful – people feel comfort in the idea of releasing yourself and your control to a higher power. That’s exactly why I can’t be a Christian, though. No matter the stress of not knowing, I’d still rather struggle than let go. Call me a control freak, but that’s just how I operate and I’m not going to be shamed for it any longer (I was also raised Catholic).
    Now, as for this silly little article – anyone who believes that the problem atheists have with Christianity is the fact that Chrisitans are so loud about it aren’t Christian enough to love his/her/their neighbor. Our issue with ya’ll is that you don’t allow sinners the choice to sin. God gave us free will, in accordance with your own bible. Our sins are ours, and you are not the ones who may condemn us. Only God may. And yet you insert your beliefs into our laws and our overall doctrine every day of our lives, thinking that you are saving our souls, when you may very well be damning your own. If I choose to go to Hell, that is my choice. You can feel bad for me. You may even come to my home and attempt to preach to me. I wil be kind to you even though I will never agree with you. You may not insert God into my everyday life or into my law. I simply do not believe what you believe. Let me go to Hell in peace. Deal with the fact that that is where I am headed.
    Carrie Underwood and her beliefs do not touch me. I do think she is a lovely woman with a beautiful voice. I have been a pseudo fan of hers since she was on Idol. Christians who love God and their fellow man don’t bother me. Bigots do.

  46. Eileen says:

    Hi there, atheist here. I’d like to know who exactly are these unnamed atheists who are “mad as hell”? I’m a member of a number of prominent atheist and freethinker groups and I haven’t heard a single word about it. Until someone identifies an actual atheist who has made a disparaging quote about this issue, I’m afraid I’m going to view this article, and others like it, as nothing more that a cheap way to encourage dislike of atheists and sell country pop tunes at the same time. Atheists, often more so than others, are particularly sensitive to the concept of the right to freedom of speech. Ms. Underwood has every right to sing about whatever she likes, be as religious as she likes, and so does everyone else. And I 100% support her right to do so.

  47. Sarah says:

    I understand that Christianity is supposed to promote love and community with an open – door policy. With that being said, why is everyone chastising one another? Yeah, some people are extremely passionate and aggressive when it comes to their spirituality; some people could care less about their spiritual investments. I don’t understand why, in a country where individualism and independence and creativity are shared ideals, we seek so much validation through ridiculing the beliefs and practices of others. The only person anyone should worry about is themselves. The amount of time that goes into slandering Christianity and atheism, even from this single article, would be used in a much more productive manner if we weren’t always so busy trying to prove people wrong. The point of life and knowledge is to PROGRESS, not voluntarily digress into an all-or-nothing method of thinking.

    For all advocates of religion who feel the need to aggressively promote and convince people of what they “know” & believe, please remember that everyone’s journey is different and no one actually cares to repeatedly heat how you got saved when they themselves have trials to deal with. Religion is the perfect coping mechanism if you respect the individual and his or her methods. Your best friend might not have come to the same conclusion as you, but is their life better and richer? Are they happier? I want what we all want: I want so desperately for all of my loved ones to reciprocate the respect I give to their religious stances. So what have you done to contribute to the big picture?

  48. Lori says:

    I’m not a xian, but I support Underwood. And such is the opinion of literally EVERY atheist I know, and I know lots of them. This is merely a hack piece, meant to stir up unnecessary animosity between xians and atheists. And from some of the posts, it appears to be working.

  49. XaurreauX says:

    Mad as hell? Yeah, only in your most desperate fantasies! I commend her for her stance on LGBT rights. You’re upset with us because we dropped your god and it broke.

    1. Sarah says:

      “We dropped your god and it broke.”

      This is my new t-shirt slogan idea. Thank you!!

  50. Colin says:

    Who’s Carrie Underwood?
    Someone who doesn’t believe in any of the gods
    (Atheist is such a negative term)

  51. Jack says:

    Where is your evidence that this is making atheists mad? Oh, that’s right… you don’t have any. Because the truth is atheists don’t give any more of a damn about this song than any of the thousands of other religious songs out there. So, you’re just lying aren’t you? Doesn’t it say something about bearing false witness in that old book you people worship so much but apparently rarely bother to read properly?

  52. Robert says:

    Fixed it.

    “There’s somebody saying what I’m saying to you, Open my eyes and told me truth, He said just a little SCIENCE and it’ll all get better, So I followed that SCIENTIST man down to the CAMPUS and now I’m changed, And now I’m SMARTER,”

    , “I was all out of MONEY, all out of TIME, Couldn’t fight back my tears so I fell on my knees, Saying STUDENT LOAN COMPANIES if you’re there come and rescue me, Felt DEPT pouring down from above, Got washed with BILLS, washed in the blood; from a couple at the park late at night that I stabbed because they wouldn’t just hand over their money and wedding rings for I can pawn them.

  53. Mary says:

    jesus is son of god which is the creator. jesus is not the creator. god created him as well. steve. who cares what ppl support and they don’t. god said it aint our place to judge who is or wrong but help them find the rite path. if they sin and Christians tried their best to help the sinners and failed we will not be held accountable for the sinners actions. and if you or anyone else doesn’t like carrie underwood for keeping it real than screw yall. love you carrie keep up the good work

  54. Keith says:

    Regardless of whether you believe in God or not, you’re going to meet Him when you die. He’s alive and well & He loves you. Don’t try and get right first, come to Him now, just as you are…… John 3:16

  55. Wrenn says:

    Making Atheists mad?

    In what reality?

    Erm. No – it’s not.

  56. Noel says:

    ok I am lost I thought this was to support her not strike up a gay debate. Some of these comments you should be a ashamed of you can not call yourself Christians and than go daming others. God spent his time with the siners those cast away by people who blamed them. Was it not him that said you that has not sined cast the first stone? I believe she has more courage than most so called Christians she shows compassion and love for all Gods people like some of you hypocrites should. I am a sinner and I pray everyday to become better but I am not without my faults so I have her back.

  57. Lizzie says:

    This song is about being washed in the blood of Christ. We are all God’s children and can all receive the saving power of His grace. I think we should stop trying to judge whether or not Carrie is a Christian and rejoice that she is spreading His Love and salvation.
    For the Christians on this sight it is not helping anyone to fight about Who founded America. We need to live in the present day and live our lives like Christ to the best ability that God enables us to. through that others will know the Love of God

  58. Lauralee says:

    I’m an atheist/anti-theist and I don’t care what she sings about…she has a nice voice, but it’s not my style…I’m not mad about her singing about this, I don’t care if this is what she believes…It matters nothing to me what her beliefs are as long as they don’t harm another living being or infringe upon another living being’s rights…I am formerly a christian, with a degree in theology, and I made the logical and rational decision to leave faith because it’s not something I need or agree with due to logical, ethical and moral reasons…not even religious person is bad, though the ideal ideology is…it’s her right to believe what she wants and I support that right…but I also support my right to not believe it…to continue this label of angry on all of us is absurd…we are no more the same than the religious are with one another…a good person is a good person, no matter their beliefs…just as a nasty person is a nasty person, regardless of their beliefs…

    1. Lauralee says:

      I will say this is a great strategy though, especially considering the growing number of atheists…the religious will flock to this as if it’s some sort of anti-atheist totem or something and the atheists will look it up to see why they are made out to be so angry…genius marketing plan guys…is she really fading from the spotlight so fast that you are coming up with this? I guess so many others have used religion to further their pocket, why shouldn’t the music industry as well!

  59. Dan says:

    Talk about an ignorant, click-bait of a headline. I seriously doubt that atheists care what she sings about. All this is trying to do is create conflict where there is none so people will buy her album. I am not a fan of hers, but I wish her success.

  60. Makenna says:

    This doesn’t make any sense….. I’m atheist an have zero problem with this song. If God is what you choose to believe in then that’s fine and if you choose to sing or write articles about your belief, that’s perfectly fine. I just think it’s a bit ridiculous to title an article about atheists being upset when really no one has any problem with it.

  61. Brenda says:

    Atheists I know, like myself,are glad we live in a free country where people can sing about their beliefs if they want. We are also free not to listen to it. The writers of this article are ignorant.

  62. Caleb says:


    Hate to tell ya, but atheists (as well as any sane person) saw through country music’s penchant for bilking religious people for money long ago. Country music has long been the fallback for singers who had the talent, but not the personality for pop stardom. Bible thumpin country is for when they give up on that.

    but hey, every $15 she gets is another $!5 that billybob can’t send to the local megachurch TV show, and frankly, I’d rather her have it.

  63. Douglas says:

    As an atheist myself, I really dont give a flying f*ck what Carrie Underwood sings about. She has a nice voice, and many of her songs are good. I think the author of this article has stirred up more controversy with his misrepresentation of atheists than ms. Underwood ever could.
    Atheists are people too. And, we happen to like the same things as any other human. I still like to listen to gospel music at times, even if it means nothing to me other than it can be beautiful. I like to watch movies about the life of Jesus. I like the classics like “The Ten Commandments’ or “The Greatest Story ever Told”.
    So, all of you do yourselves a favor, get over what you might think we would like or dislike.
    Specially you, author. A title like what you posted here was just inflammatory and stupid.

  64. cutes22 says:

    I’m an atheist. Why would a country singer singing a religious song even be noticed, much less raise an eyebrow? Isn’t that a fairly common thing? Half of the atheist community never even heard of her, anyway. Good luck with the song, Carrie. Fire your PR staff. They’re idiots.

  65. Mel says:

    Why the hell would this make atheists mad? There’s millions of songs out there that promote Christianity. Why would this one be any different? I’m an atheist myself and this is just another religious song to me. It’s fine if people want to believe in something greater than themselves. That goes for all religions. They all serve different gods but the God is really all the same, a figment.

  66. Amanda says:

    I’m not even religious, in fact I don’t believe in any of the things that come along with religion; so I guess you could say I am an Atheist. I actually quite enjoy this song although it is all about religion and her beliefs. But really, who cares? If you don’t like the song then don’t listen to it and keep your negative comments to yourself.

  67. Dan says:

    Why all the bickering….she believes in God, good for her. You don’t, that’s your choice. No need to beat each other up over it. It is called respect., try it, you might get some back!

  68. Barbara says:

    Propaganda. Most atheists could care less about Carrie Underwood and her music, let alone what her songs say. This is just christian propaganda that tries to make atheists look bad. Its all a bunch of nonsense.

  69. Pam says:

    Those of you speaking out against God….I’d sure watch out that your words aren’t used against you through some sort of “freak” accident! Don’t drive erratically, don’t go out in a thunder storm, don’t stand under that sign being hung on that building downtown, don’t…well you get the idea. What goes around comes around. Just sayin….

    1. cutes22 says:

      Really? What is “going around?” Like believers beating up against homosexuals, priests raping little little boys? That kind or some other? What, exactly do we have coming?

    2. Sarah says:

      So you’re telling us that not only do you believe in God, but you also believe in karma?

  70. Pam says:

    Another thing….I may be wrong, but don’t atheists NOT believe in God? If that’s the case, then why would they object to a song about something they don’t believe exists?? They may as well boycott Winnie the Pooh then, or any animated or fictitious character ever created and written about in any book??!!

  71. Pam says:

    Who cares if atheists are mad about this???!!!! Good grief, when are we going to all grow up and stop acting like 5 year olds! Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, and if they don’t like the lyrics of a song, turn it off, for God sake!!!! How hard is that?? Once again, there is another squeaky wheel begging for change to lean their way! Well, no matter what others may say or do,I will NEVER change my mind about Jesus Christ, my LORD AND SAVIOR!!!!!!!!

    1. Douglas says:

      Pam, Atheists dont really care about another singer doing another gospel song. The author of the article told a little fib. Some atheists even like the song. That is because, since atheists are human like you, some of us can appreciate music.

  72. Jeff says:

    Why doesn’t the author of this story give his/her name instead of Editor? Probably because he/she doesn’t want to face the backlash for such a misleading article.

  73. Thunder says:

    I’m an atheist and I really like this song. Why am I supposed to be mad? She’s a really good singer and I really like the song. Am I not allowed to like a religious song because I don’t believe? Because that truly would make me mad!

    In any case before today I had no Idea this singer existed but I think I’ll check some of her work. Seems like a great singer.

  74. Sue says:

    I just want to say , never liked her before this song , now I like her and will buy this song . its good to see some one standing for the Lord .

  75. Chad says:

    OK, full disclosure. I’m an atheist.

    Now, before you start trolling me about how I am supposed to be “mad” because of a song I have never heard, I have one question:
    Who is Carrie Underwood?

    1. Chad says:

      Sorry, I was supposed to say “mad as hell.” (LOL! That’s funny!)

  76. mohawk16 says:

    The reactions to this article (and numerous others about this song “enraging Atheists”) are actually quite predictable. The whole basis of organized religion is to follow on blind faith, without reason & logic, so they see headlines like this and just run with it. Atheists (me included), on the other hand, value evidence, logic, and research. Upon reading the headline, it didn’t sound believable to me. All it took was some quick research, and after perusing quite a few news articles, I found that not even one of them included any statements from these apparently “enraged Atheists”. It’s quite entertaining how easily & blindly sheep will follow the herd. Logic & skepticism for the win!

  77. Bruce says:

    Every one stop for one minute and take a look at the top of this page. Yes the Political Insider they are the ones that are at the root of this blog and asked the questions if you support the artist with her religious lyrics? And it was the Political Insider whom made the statement about atheist being mad. Then the madness started from there with all of the different views and tangents taking this blog in all different directions with us fellow Americans ready to draw a line in the sand and choose a side. every thing from separation a church and state to Athistim / Christin . The artist will be popular with some and not so popular with others no matter what the content is of the song. This is not the first song ever released with religious content . My wife truly loved the song and for me the song was not all of that. And it does not matter if that song was performed on American Idol, America Got Talent , Rising Star, X factor, even the professional judges from time to time disagree with each other as well as all of us.

  78. Lisa says:

    I have never used this site until last night. Yes…I am a Christian. Yes…I believe in God…but I’m disturbed by a few postings on here and then “I will shut up” or try to….lol For the posting COMPARING GOD TO the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus…I definitely will pray for you (something ATHEISTS HATE TO HEAR I KNOW)….I DO know that IN MY OWN LIFE I COULDNT MAKE IT WITHOUT JESUS…PLEASE DONT JUDGE ME FOR HAVING AND KNOWING WHO DIED FOR MY SINS…..AND LASTLY…..one QUESTION FOR ALL OF YOU WHICH I ONLY ASK YOU TO THINK ABOUT?! If you DONT HAVE GOD in this world to lean on, have hope etc….WHAT DO YOU HAVE?

  79. Ashley says:

    The headline to this click-bait page is idiotic and had absolutely nothing to do with the actual text.
    I am and atheist. I have never met an atheist who gets “mad as hell,” over any song a religious person sings. We don’t care. We really don’t care. We might not listen to it (I don’t like country music), but we don’t care at all if you want to sing about your faith. Hell, I was in choir for 10 years and we sang religious text all the time. Guess what? I thought they were beautiful.
    Instead of making or believing blind assumptions about what your atheist neighbors are or aren’t bothered by, why don’t you ask us instead of demonizing us about one song?

  80. Timothy says:

    I am an atheist and I don’t really care what she sings about. This is a free country. She can do what ever makes her happy and her fans happy.

  81. Arthur says:

    Nothing new here.
    Spinnig a story for a headline.
    Why not discuss how many non-atheists are mad at her because she isn’t against same-sex marriage?

  82. Jan says:

    athiest make me mad if they get hutr im almost postive they will hollar oh lord they have thier beliefs and we have ours if they dont belive then why does it bother them turn your head or cover your eyes after all to you you its not real but we love our lord and savior and no one will ever make us not give up thank you lord for everything

    1. Cynthia says:

      Atheists aren’t mad at this song! For crying out loud, read it. There was no mention of anything atheists have said or done regarding the song. Do you really think we care if the word God is mentioned? No, we don’t.

  83. Gustav says:

    One wonders why the the author of this article, presumably a Christian, has chosen to write a false and inciteful piece about atheists? Is that the Christian thing to do?

    Of course it is, for false Christians, like the angry ones that populate this thread. Go away, cause Jesus hates you.

  84. Cynthia says:

    Atheist here. This article is ridiculous. There is no news article anywhere that tells of specific comments or actions by Atheists in regards to this song. Seems certain conservative “news” outlets are making a story where there is none. This website is one of only two sites saying this. Really, atheists don’t get mad when God is mentioned in a song. This is not the first song that mentions God and it won’t be the last. Her song “Jesus takes the wheel” was more about religion than this one and no one got mad. Atheists just don’t care. I think this is more because religious people like to say there is a “War on Christianity” simply because we believe in Separation of Church and State (you know, little things like the Constitution) and they also like to think of atheists as angry people who get pissed whenever someone mentions the word God. Sorry, not true.

  85. Amy says:

    Um…..just so ya know….as an atheist, I’m not “mad as hell.”

    I think Carrie Underwood had a great voice. I enjoy her singing very much. I also think she’s a very sweet person and I wish her all the best.

    She should write about whatever is in her heart. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. 🙂

  86. Robyn says:

    My only hope of salvation is in the infinite, transcendent love of God manifested to the world by the death of His Son upon the cross. Nothing but His blood will wash away my sins. I rely exclusively upon it. Come, Lord Jesus! Ome quickly! –Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration of Independence. BOOM!!

  87. Robyn says:

    I entreat you in the most earnest manner to believe in Jesus Christ, for there is no salvation in any other (Acts 4:12)..If you are not reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, if you are not clothed with the spotless robe of His righteousness, you must forever perish. —
    John Witherspoon, Signer of the Declaration of Independece. BOOM!

  88. Robyn says:

    ” On the mercy of my Redeemer I rely for salvation and on His merits; not on the works I have done in obedience to His precepts” -Charles Carroll ..Signer of the Independence. BOOM!

  89. Robyn says:

    I recommend my Soul to that Almighty Being who gave it, and my body I commit to dust, relying upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins. By….SAMUEL ADAMS
    father of th he American Revolution, signer of the Declaration of Independence. BOOM!

  90. Marsha says:

    What an inspiring song sung by an inspirational singer..I just love Carrie Underwood anyway and she is so led by God to inspire anointing on people with her beautiful singing..what a blessing to have her.

  91. Donovan says:

    To the christian folks(most of you anyway) on here commenting, I have a challenge for you. I may be asking too much because most of you didn’t even care to read/look for any proof to us atheists being “mad as hell” over the song.

    But here’s my challenge to the christians- Read through these comments from both atheists and christians. Pay close attention to them and spot the difference in the tone of the comments. Atheists on here are stating that they don’t care what someone believes and they are not offended/outraged. Most of the atheists on here are not attacking anyone.

    Now look at the christian responses. NO PROOF of what this article claims and yet just like christianity you so readily believe this article and make snide comments about atheists.

    Now who are really the close minded people?

    1. Bender says:

      That’s par for the course!

      Atheist: “I’m fine. We’re fine. Everyone’s fine. Thanks, but no need to pray for me.”
      Christian: “Atheists are SPITTING MAD! LUNATICS ALL OF THEM!!!!!” (vein bulging)

  92. Justin says:

    This world is coming to and end believe it or not……Get right or get left…HEAVEN IS REAL and HELL IS REAL, I hope EVERYONE finds Christ before they die cause you don’t want to go to hell, The lake of fire burns FOREVER….Wouldn’t wont my worst enemies to go there… Praying for the folks that don’t know Jesus get to know him …..without him we are nothing! There is only ONE GOD! JESUS LOVES YOU!!!

  93. Maria says:

    Funny thing is now the Right Wingers are praising Carrie Underwood while not too long ago were bashing her for being Pro Gay and supporting Gay marriage. Carrie is a Christian but she is a progressive one and as for Atheists so far I have not see any Atheist give a fig about this song. This is not the first religious song she has done.

  94. Jay says:

    I am a Christian and a pastor and find myself cringing every time a supposed christian on here makes a statement…if you are a christian on here, please read your bible and stop using the bible in a poor way…the term “because the bible says so” is really a poor assumption on your part that it actually does. Secondly, stop using the bible as a book of judgement on people who don’t care what it says…you are losing credibility because you won’t walk out from behind your Bible and actually “love one another as Christ loved us.” Thirdly, the teaching of the apostle Paul is also specific about who you are supposed to hold accountable and judge. 1 Corinthians 5:12 is pretty clear…if you are making statements on here about atheists or any non-believers, please be quiet, go into an isolated place and read this verse and understand what it says…I am using it in context right now…if you are a christian, please shut up and act like it. Read the whole bible and not just the parts that justify the ways you speak to unbelievers…anything less and you are emptying the cross of its power. God doesn’t need you to defend Him. As if the integrity of the words of the bible depends on us…haha! Really? The church needs to stop expecting outsiders to act like insiders while we say nothing to the church insiders am who are acting like outsiders.

  95. Beth says:

    As an atheist, I don’t understand why it should make me angry. I listen to songs about Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, unicorns, big foot, true love, etc. I get it, people sing about things that don’t exist. It doesn’t bother me. I’m not afraid to read fairy tales either.

  96. Sly says:

    You all are deeply mistaken if you think A) that atheists care one bit about what Carrie Underwood sings, or B) that we haven’t heard that message before.
    Most of us are well-versed in biblical myths.
    They are wholly unconvincing.
    What makes you think her little jingle would make any difference?

  97. Christy says:

    i love this song ,it is awesome and if some people dont like it then dear lord that is there problem. i tell you i am so tired of people throwing there views around and compaining about everything they dont like .i say this TO BAD no bnody has a gun to your head telling you to like it or not just dont listen to it,cause i am really tired of my rights being taken away because some one else does not believe in what i do . you dont see me making a big up roar about that things you like ,well darn it leave us that do alone and let us injoy what we want ,cause we can start compaining about you like you do to us and have your rightrs taken from you as well . SO SHUT UP AND LEAVE US ALONE !!!!!Thank you

    1. Christy says:

      Oh yes i am so sorry lord but AMEN and Praise the lord

  98. Mark says:

    That headline is not only a lie, but a DAMNED lie.

    What is it with you people? I didn’t see a single quote from any atheist saying; ” That Carrie Underwood song makes me mad as hell!” Not a one!
    I believe in God. He’s a very real presence in my life. But why would I want to follow the words of a publication that supposedly supports God with LIES?
    There’s a rule about that I read someplace. Where was it? I can’t remember exactly where….something about “not bearing false witness”…..I don’t remember…..

    1. Sharie says:

      In the Bible maybe?

  99. Sonyah says:

    Atheists,sorry about the caps locks!
    Again,sorry guys,it’s worth a try right?

  100. Penelope says:

    GOOD JOB Carrie Underwood! You are annoying/agitating the RIGHT PEOPLE ….

    Americans like Carrie are gonna help wrench the Culture back from the likes of the lefty-controlled Miley et al .. DEO VOLENTE … I can see a future time where the right kind of cultural leaders will be given much more time on prominent platforms with giant bullhorns (figuratively speaking **__**)

    May.It.Be.So. ….. and the ripple effect beyond America will be MOST WELCOME

  101. Victoria says:

    The only thing that made me “mad as hell” was that last comment in the article: “our misguided atheist friends”. Carrie Underwood has the right to express her beliefs however and as often as she wishes. Nothing she sang was offensive at all… And I see not outcry from any groups, even the “evil atheists”.

  102. Natalie says:

    I wasn’t aware that atheists believed in hell. Seems a bit confusing to me 🙂

  103. Rob says:

    Another atheist here, signing in with the others that I just don’t care what she sings, lol. I’m not angered by this. I only hate it ‘cuz it’s country 😛

  104. Justin says:

    Strange. I don’t feel “mad as hell” at all. Are you sure I am doing this correctly? I listened to the whole song, maybe I am doing something wrong with the way I am supposed to listen to it… Should it be set to 1080P…?

  105. Joshua says:

    The only thing I see here to be mad about is the title of the article demonizing atheists. We are not evil people who hate Christians! I for one, as well as most atheists I know, respect the beliefs of others. If there is hate being spread here, it is by whoever came up with the title for this article. Music is music, and people write what they feel. That’s what makes it real.

  106. Robert says:

    I’m an atheist and I’m supposed to be angry about this to fulfill the fundy stereotype of the “angry atheist”. I guess I missed the memo. I like how the author provided zero evidence to support her supposition. I see ignorant fundies like the author of the article and many of the commentators here every day online. Atheists are people and not props to give pop-country stars more publicity than they need already. This is as laughable as her song “Jesus Take the Wheel” which came out nine years ago. She needs to stick to singing about country staples, love, divorce, drinking, and being so conservative-Christian that even white skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus shed’s a tear in all their shallow imaginations, the only place Jesus has ever lived.

  107. Krysta says:

    OK I’m not a country person I an Queen, Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra person so i’m not too fond my miss under wood, but her music is far from offensive its not even minor upsetting it just another folksy song i see nothing to be offended by or upset by heck if i was upset by this then i would be upset my every country song and quite a few pop songs i could never listen to music again sorry but i like music so even though i’m not listening you have millions of fans so play on miss Underwood play on!! 🙂

  108. Robert says:

    First off I’m another atheist not bothered in the least by the song. The article on the other hand is just bigoted religious hate speech. Secondly PI spun the title harder to the right than Glenn Beck’s rag The Blaze where this story came from. Guess we know where this news source stands.
    And finally I found it funny in reading through the comments that atheists seem unfazed by the song, offended by the article, but the Christians posting scream (full caps) bloody murder that the atheists are posting their hatred for Carrier or some nonsense. Again… Very telling. Sad. Very very sad.

  109. Carolyn says:

    All anyone has to do is change the station or turn her off if they wish not to hear …I do it all the time with filthy language, sexual innuendos and the like. Atheists get over it…you don’t own the world..

  110. Robert says:

    We atheists are supposed to be mad at her, to fulfill the “angry atheist” fantasy fundies have? I didn’t get the memo. Maybe I’m atheisting wrong?

  111. Kevin says:

    This is literally an un-creative rumor someone whipped up to stir controversy and cause publicity for Carrie Underwood’s new hit. (It lures you in to listen/buy and the record companies rake in money) I hardly doubt that there’s more than a very small percent of people who are even annoyed or surprised to hear yet another country song about religion. Especially from a religious person. Those that are, are literally so insignificant or small numbered that it really has no effect on the song’s ratings, Carrie Underwood OR your ability to listen to to said song.

    If you like the song, cool. If you don’t, cool. It’s not news and it’s certainly not some huge atheist uprising coming to overthrow some song.

  112. Rabid says:

    That said, Ms Underwood is a lovely lady with a lovely talent and she could sing Mein Kampf and it would still be lovely.

  113. Jessi says:

    Perhaps some of the believers should read the comments from all the atheists on here and then they can see that the article is false. Its possible there might be a few that get mad but mostly as you can see. We don’t care. We agree that people have the right to believe. We also don’t care for the attitude that its only ok for christians to have the right to believe or not believe all while screaming about being persecuted because they aren’t allowed to force their beliefs on others through law.

  114. Scott says:

    There are no citations in the Editor’s story regarding the angst atheists feel towards Carrie Underwood or her lyrics. The author appears to be religion-baiting.

  115. Eleanor says:

    y this.It’s her song.She has 1st amendment right to sing what she wants to and they have a right to protest. If anyone doesn’t like what they hear on any device guess what? IT HAS AN OFF BUTTON. USE IT.

  116. Scott says:

    I’m an atheist and, though there may exist a set of conditions that would allow me to care less about what Carrie Underwood writes/sings about, I couldn’t imagine what those conditions might be.

  117. Ruby says:

    It truly is sad…To me, this is a Beautiful song, and I thank Carrie Underwood does a wonderful job singing it. some people don`t like it when other`s don`t believe the same way as they believe, and that is sad too. I was raised to respect other people and how they believe even if it was not the same as I believe. If some people don`t like the song,then they don`t have to listen to it, but because they don`t like it does not mean that I can`t like it.This young lady has her way of believeing, so please don`t put her down because she does not believe the same as you do. We all need to respect each other even if they don`t believe the same as we do.I listen to all kinds of music and I really like this song. We all are a child of God, and HE gives all of us the choice to live and to believe the way we want to believe, WE all should love each other as we love ourselves. When I was growing up, we did not hate other people, We all helped each other, and we had respect for each other, that`s how I was raised to respect other people no matter what they did are what they believed, and no we never had to worrie about crime like everyone has to do these days, we could leave our doors and windows wide open and know that when we returned home it would be the same as the way we left it. I love all no matter how are what each one believes.

  118. Julia says:

    I am an Atheist and I don’t care who sings what or for who or why! I don’t give a damn and the mere idea that I would care about her singing this song or any other is just ridiculous. Who sings praises to their deity or prays or goes to church, synagogue our temple or mosque is no concern of mine and doesn’t anger me in the least.
    When someone says I have to obey their religious rules then that is another matter altogether.

  119. Mish says:

    I’m atheist, and really, not mad… what a stupid article!

  120. Rabid says:

    I’m an atheist and I could care less if someone wants to sing about their fairy tales. Heck, I love Disney movies and they do it all the time.

  121. Brian says:

    I think the song is wonderful ! Love the Lord and he shall love you !! The atheist are offended by something they don’t believe in ? Kind of a crazy weird belief to me !

  122. Nancy says:

    I think this song is beautiful and Carrie Underwood has every right to sing about anything she wants to sing about. However, I also think that, as it has been stated many times before in the comments, most athiests don’t care that she recorded this song and that most athiests respect the beliefs of Christians just as Christians should respect the beliefs of athiests. This is just the media trying to sell a story and cause a problem where there isn’t one.

  123. Chris says:

    Such A beautiful song. How can atheist be mad about something they supposedly don’t believe in? Carrie, continue singing praise to our Lord. You have a beautiful voice.

  124. Christopher says:

    We’re mad at this?

    Oh, um, well this is awkward. Darn you, Carrie Underwood! For, um, whatever they’re claiming that we’re mad about. Yeah.

  125. Gary says:

    Let’s see. I’m an Atheist and this song is supposed to make me “Mad as Hell”… ok… ummmm I’m mad as hell. NOT! I could really care less. I never was a fan of Ms. Underwood and this song isn’t going to change my opinion of her one way or the other. As far as her beliefs are concerned, She’s free to express her beliefs in any way she sees fit. All you good Christians on here telling us big bad evil Atheists how we need to get lives or deal with it or if we don’t want to live in this “Christian Country” that we need to leave, really need to get lives. Worship your God as you believe. You have that right and I can respect it. I don’t believe in your God and that’s my right and I’m as much a tax paying citizen of these United States of America as you are. If you don’t like it. Pray to your God for some understanding.

  126. GC says:

    You know it’s sad… this is a lovely song! It truly is… but it is sad that ppl can’t just leave well enough alone and respect each other… if you are atheist and don’t like the son don’t listen just like of you don’t like secular music because u are Christian don’t listen… but the most ignorant thing you can do is get on here claim to love God yet bash quote stupid atheists ..reguardless of anyone’s religion we need to learn to respect them and learn to tolerate that everyone is not the same! I don’t recall reading in the bible to HATE anyone! Learn when to hush it would surely make Christians not look so hypocritical. .. it’s so funny sometimes how quit Christians are to judge and put others down for things their God give them free will to do or not to do.. just like he gave none Christians the right to chose him or not chose him!!

    1. Sharie says:

      And you don’t think calling atheist stupid is bashing them?

  127. Joseph says:

    I a huge Carrie Underwood fan and I support her 100%. That song is beautuful and inspirational. I am a Christian myself and I am proud of her!!

  128. Wendy says:

    Wow! is all I can say. I think everyone has their own opinion and to each their own. I love her music and her voice not to mention her love for god. I wouldn’t care if I was her what anyone had to say because she does have god on her side and that’s all she needs. what is really shocking to me is I always heard of aatheism but have never been around anyone personally that thinks that way. It saddens me to think of this many people responding that doesn’t believe in god. Scary fallen world we live in. God bless you and your family Carrie.

  129. Lisa says:

    ok….my husband and I read these comments in DISGUST! First, it is a sad day that the majority of the comments are mainly the Atheists that “FEEL THE NEED” TO EXPRESS THEIR OPINIONS…..HMMMM…..Carrie Underwood is an AWESOME SINGER AND ATHEISTS that felt “the need” to get YOUR point out should turn the dial or DO WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU DO……second….if those of you that posted on this watched her from her American idol days then you would already know that “her faith” was very important. WHY ARE YOU SO DEFENSIVE ? LET US ENJOY HER MUSIC THAT WE ENJOY…whether it be about her “cheating boyfriend” or about “seeing a loved one in our after-life” and you listen to YOUR STUFF….who the heck cares about who WROTE the article or HOW wrong it was? Keep singing Carrie and “us Christians” (and many others….as all can see by this posting, some MATURE atheists included) are Listening and Loving It!


    1. Jessi says:

      Why read them in disgust? I read them all too and guess what I saw my fellow atheists saying? They don’t care about the lyrics in the song. Many even like her music. If you saw a title that said “Christians mad as hell about Portugal the Man’s Modern Jesus” when you couldn’t care less wouldn’t you be upset? The title is set up to piss christians off and further dehumanize atheists in their mind. Basically, the title of this article is false. Its a song, we don’t care. However, we DO care when others bear false witness aka lie about us. Just as you would.

    2. Sharie says:

      Of course atheists expressed their opinion to the article, I saw almosr none express anything at all negative to Carrie nor the song. So who’s being defensive? Seems you are!!!

  130. Nelson says:

    Atheists couldn’t care less what Carrie Underwood sings about. Just proves Christians believe anything you tell them..lol

  131. Eric says:

    Carrie Underwood is a beautiful Singer. She is a great inspiration in our society and I Support her. This is an amazing song!

  132. Cat says:

    Silly. Why would a song make me angry? I’m more pissed about Christians who put words in my mouth.

  133. Donovan says:

    Alright, first of all, I need to see some screen shots or something of where some atheists got pissed off. Otherwise, the author of this article is a liar(like most journalists)

    Secondly, Even if some atheists are pissed off, this article title is garbage. Don’t collectively group all people together for what some of them may feel. which again, I see no proof of.

    I am myself an atheist. I’m not here to debate with anyone who is a believer. I don’t share your views but I have nothing against christians as long as they’re not trying to make this a theocracy or telling others who don’t share their views how to live their lives.

    I am in no way outraged by the lyrics/song. I have been a fan of Carrie’s since the very beginning and that isn’t going to change now. I have been known she is a christian and am not bothered by that. This song was in no way offensive at all. Her simply expressing her beliefs and “witnessing” to those who share them or semi share them. Not forceful or anything.

    So to close, without proof of outraged atheists, I can only conclude that the author has made up stuff as propaganda on people he has clearly never conversed with. And if this does turn out to be true, those few people(who are ridiculous) that may be pissed off over this song are not representative of an entire group so either way this article is shameful propaganda.

    1. Nancy says:

      I completely agree with you! The problem with this is not athiests or christians, but the author of the article, who is trying to create ridiculous contrversy and get some ratings.

      1. James says:

        I agree with you here. I am also confused by those who had to quip about same sex marriages in the comments. The song had nothing to do with that controversy.

  134. BC says:

    Um, I’m an atheist and I’m not angry about it and I haven’t seen anyone else in my community even hint that they are. She can sing about whatever she wants to So long as there isn’t a line in in saying something like “non-believers are amoral, evil and deserve to be shot” I couldn’t give a rats ass if she sings about her beliefs.

  135. Patrick says:

    As an enthusiastic anti-theist (meaning I think religion is nasty, not that I hate religious persons), there’s nothing about this song that makes me even a little bit mad. In the worst mood I’d be much more likely to roll my eyes or groan at this than shake my fist over it.

    One thing that really does make me angry is the totally needless counterposition of atheists and Christians in the headlines of articles that have nothing to do with atheism. It’s petty, disrespectful, and distasteful to conjure up an imaginary atheist adversary just to rally other Christians for the sake of rallying them. It’s certainly easier to rally around an enemy than to draw readers and church members with substantive, positive messages or tangible action, but I’d appreciate it if y’all would leave me out of these shenanigans.

    Atheists are people, not props for bad writing.

  136. Kevin says:

    Atheists can’t be MAD AS HELL because they do not believe in God, hence they can’t believe in hell, therefore by definition Atheists are just mad (insane).

  137. Nate says:

    As an active atheist, I have not heard a single thing about this song positive or negative. It seems to me that someone is trying stir something up between Christians and atheists. I see nowhere in this article where they provide any sources showing atheists being angry about this song. I think whoever wrote this article is a tool.

  138. Joshua says:

    I’m an atheist.

    this song doesn’t make me mad. I don’t know any other atheists who are mad about this song.
    If it’s a personal expression of her faith, good for her.

    I think whoever wrote the article just made that title so we’d all click through. It’s called “click bait” in advertising. It worked. We all clicked.

    Notice in the article never actually mentions any actual atheists doing anything. The article just notes the writer’s interpretation of the song … nothing about atheists.

    When i read the title, I though, “oh no, she’s saying something mean about atheists.” I jumped to a conclusion. Looks like a lot of other people on this comment board did, too.

  139. Steven says:

    Carrie has always put her faith first in her life. The fact that some are offended by that is their shortcoming. Carrie has never put down another’s belief and has repeatedly said that believing in God is a personal choice, not a requirement. If you don’t like what she has to say or the songs she chooses to do then don’t listen to her or her music. As far as I’m concerned I feel that Carrie’s sincerity and example are to be emulated and admired. The world has become all too concerned with the way others believe and not concerned enough with finding the bridge of love within themselves that can connect us all in peace and joy.

  140. Dennis says:

    Are Atheists that needy and petty that they need to pitch a hissy fit on a beautiful song. To bad but God blesses the ignorant also.

    1. Sharie says:

      No atheist has done any such thing. The article is bull. And atheists are not ignorant!!

  141. Phil says:

    Your headline is ridiculous. I’m an atheist and this song doesn’t upset me at all. That’s not because I agree with its religious undertones – it’s because I’m an adult. If I got “mad as hell” every time somebody expressed their religious belief, I’d never stop being angry.

    Political Insider: when people express their religious belief, that’s fine by me, as long as I also have the right to express my lack of belief. Problems arise when people say sensationalist, stupid and untrue things about atheists, as you have done in your headline. But my attention is on YOU, Political Insider. Carrie Underwood can sing whatever she wants and I won’t complain about it, but your shoddy journalism has no excuse.

  142. Thomas says:

    Almost have to wonder if Carrie Underwood’s record label was connected to this. haha I wouldn’t have even known this song existed without this article. Yay, journalistic integrity!

  143. Jackie says:

    you go girl love the song its awesome

  144. Charlie says:

    I saw this posted on Facebook and I listened to the song and first let me say that whom ever wrote this title is full of crap. I am an Atheist and I could care less what her songs are about or anyone’s songs. She has a beautiful voice and face and if that’s what she wants to sing about that’s fine.Nobody cares.

  145. Thomas says:

    Just got back from our monthly international atheist summit, and we didn’t even discuss Carrie Underwood or her song. You know why? Because we couldn’t care less. It’s a song. Anybody that wants to can sing a song about anything they want to and it’ll still be just a song. Where are all of these imaginary atheists that are up in arms over a freaking song? I didn’t even know this song existed until I was just told that I should be angry about it. So…good job…I guess?

    Sing your little hearts out. Just keep religion out of our government and schools. That’s what makes us angry.

    As usual though, the christian lack of judgment of others is much appreciated. Excuse me, I have to go screw myself.

  146. Anthony says:

    There are actually 0 atheists mad about this song. I know you love to make everyone think that anyone singing about god is in direct competition to an atheist, but the truth is, music is wonderful and Carrie Underwood is wonderful. So saying that atheists are angry about her music, is simply ignorant.

  147. Marvin says:

    Carrie Underwood has class; whoever wrote this article does NOT. Intolerance in the name of religion is BLASPHEMY of the highest order!

  148. Laura Gail says:

    Silly headline, silly article. Why stir the pot? Oh, to gain readership from people who don’t know better. More fake news…

  149. Marsha says:

    This whole situation is rather quite simple to solve. If you don’t like the song, for whatever reason, turn the radio to another channel or turn it off. No need to argue with, put down, act better than, etc…other people. It’s called free will.

  150. Marvin says:

    Why is this news????? Do you not remember her song “Jesus Take the Wheel”?

  151. Vichonette says:

    You know… I was just fine with this article until that very last sentence about your “misguided atheist friends.” As an atheist, I am no more misguided than you are. The fact that I don’t happen to share your beliefs does not in any way give you the right to pass judgment on me, and your remark there only serves to prove that people like me are far more “christian” in the way we treat others than you and your ilk seem to be.

    1. Marvin says:

      I concur 100% with you Vichonette. Intolerance in the name of religion is just as bad as intolerance in any other form!

  152. Bradley says:

    What atheist(s) are mad? I hear nothing in this song directly related towards atheists that would in anyway make “atheists MAD AS HELL.” Just another religious song.

    BREAKING NEWS: Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert’s – “Something Bad” makes the religious MAD AS HELL!

  153. Mark says:


  154. Gail says:

    Gee, isn’t that a shame?! I love Carrie’s new song. I love how she shares her faith and love with those of us that feel the same way. I also love the fact that in our country we have freedom of speech and freedom to like or dislike whatever. When I don’t want/like something, I turn it off. ijs
    What’s that song Taylor Swift sings….? “TOUGH!” That’s the one. Get my drift?

    1. nightingale says:

      Correction..I meant Kellie Pickler..not Taylor Swift.

  155. Shannon says:

    As an atheist myself, I couldn’t care less what the woman sings about. She has a spiritual connection with her God that’s influential in her life and wants the world to know? All power to her!

    The author on the other hand, needs to quit it with the divisive, ignorant headlines. Atheists don’t care and certainly wouldn’t get “MAD AS HELL” at yet another Christian advertising their beliefs. They make up 78.4% of the American population, so trust me, we’re used to it by now.

    Seriously, the only thing that made me even remotely angry with the idiotic headline. Other than that, Ms. Underwood has a very nice voice 🙂

  156. Heidi says:

    Carrie is not only a beautiful ladie on the outside but even more beautiful on the inside,Her FAITH & COURAGE are amazing,PRAISE THE LORD FOR THIS SONG,I KNOW HE IS VERY PROUD OF YOU CARRIE & THATS WHAT REALLY MATTERS!!!!!!

  157. Omar says:

    more like atheists dont know who she is. and why would atheists care… im an atheist and i enjoy a lot of songs that mention god in them so what?

  158. Christopher says:

    Atheist here!

    It’s her constitutional right to sing about whatever inspires her.

    Where are all these angry atheists to which the author refers?

  159. William says:

    Hi guys! American atheist here… Not mad at all, kinds like the song. Kinda think “Political Insider” invented a nonexistent controversy. Loads of really great songs are faith based! I’m pretty sure nearly all of us atheists know and are okay with that.

  160. Henry says:

    Where is the article about all the “mad as Hell atheists? Just a deceiving headline to get you to come to their site. Nice one.

  161. Ani says:

    I wish that I could think of something that I could do to make Atheists “mad as hell”.

  162. Preston says:

    Go Carrie, do your thing.

    Not one atheist is mad. Good day.

  163. Lizzee says:

    I am an atheist, and I don’t care if she sings about “God” & “Jesus”.
    One of my fav songs from Carrie is “Jesus take the wheel”.

    Why does the media have to twist every story these days just to cause problems?

  164. Holly says:

    Wow… Political Insider… You won the today’s stupid internet article of the day award!!!!
    Lie to us… We love it!

  165. Lucius says:

    So, just what information would lead one to think that this song is making atheists angry? I ask, because, it certainly wasn’t presented in this “article.”

  166. Jason says:

    Neither this article, nor the source article from The Blaze cited one single example of a “mad as hell” atheist. The only thing that angers me the tiniest bit is TPI’s misleading title and click bait tactics. Shame on you for trying to pass this off as significant “political insider news”. You are a disgrace to journalism.

    1. Thomas says:

      Tabloid journalism.

    2. Sharie says:

      That would be The Blaze for you though. Always trying to stir up controversy between Christians and anyone that’s not Christian, not just atheists.

  167. Mames says:

    I am not religious. I know several others who aren’t as well. Nine of us care about her or anyone else referencing god or any other deity or religion in a song.

  168. Scott says:

    The only thing I see here to be mad about is the title of the article demonizing atheists. We are not evil people who hate Christians! I for one, as well as most atheists I know, respect the beliefs of others. If there is hate being spread here, it is by whoever came up with the title for this article. Music is music, and people write what they feel. That’s what makes it real.

  169. Bradley says:

    I’m an Atheist and I don’t care one way or another.

  170. Robert says:

    YOU GO – GIRL!!!!
    Don’t let ANYBODY dampen your spirits.

  171. Laura says:

    I love Carrie Underwood so I listen to her. If you don’t like the song or artist don’t listen to it.

  172. James says:

    I’m not an atheist, but I’m not a card carrying christian either. Nevertheless, this story sounds to me like the author(s) are trying to create a controversy. Everybody has a right to speak, (or sing), their mind. When non-believers give voice to their opinions then Christians claim the right to enlighten, belittle them and try to silence them in God’s name. When Christians speak out they claim to only be “expressing their faith”, and the anti religious zealots claim the right to be free from any religion. I hate to say it, but no one has the right to be totally free from ever being offended. In my humble opinion if people cared more about real problems such as rape, murder and all of the other ways that men impart injustice and evil upon each other, instead of trying to control others’ beliefs, this would be a far better world.

    1. Thomas says:

      Just do your own thing and don’t worry about what others believe. It seems so easy….

  173. John says:

    What a nice and beautiful song. Just what this country needs and for those who don’t like the song it might have something to do with not being able understand what makes the world go.

  174. Charity says:

    Take the song however you like but I find it very hard to take anything seriously from a lady who’s biggest hit was a song about destroying her cheating boyfriends car.

    1. Thomas says:

      Good point. haha

  175. A says:

    There are more atheists upset about this article than there are atheists upset about the song.

  176. Dallas says:

    I think this article is really reaching. I’m Atheist and I could care less about lyrics in a country song. In fact I couldn’t imagine any Atheist caring about this.

  177. KateInLA says:

    This article doesn’t even say how the atheists are mad -_- neither does the linked article. I don’t mind the song at all, but I do mind misleading articles.

  178. Darlene says:

    You go Carrie….Love the song…….Praise the Lord….You stand up for what you believe and you do through your songs….Do I get an AMEN!!!!!!!

  179. Michael says:

    What atheists are angry about this song? Im an atheist and I’m not mad about it.

  180. Anna says:

    Carrie has the right to write and sing whatever she wants to sing. If someone is against this then they should not listen if it bothers them. She is a beautiful and spiritual young woman and I am proud to see her sing about what she believes in no matter what anyone else has to say.
    More young people should be as kind and good as her and there would be less problems in this world.
    Go Carrie!!!! So happy about your news!!!! <3

    1. Heather says:

      No one cares…. As an atheist I can tell you… We don’t care if she or anyone else sings or writes abt the delusional beliefs. We only have a problem with religion when it is used to justify harm and discrimination and to force others to do or not do things that ‘your’ deluded mind thinks is right. Atheists could care less abt someone singing abt untruths… It happens so often.

  181. Kelly says:

    So where is the part where the Athiest are mad? I know they make a stink about alot of stuff, but I don’t think this makes them mad, I just think they dont buy it. Misleading headlines. Not a good sign for a new member.

  182. Cindy says:

    Oh my God I love this song. No one else can do what Carrie does.

  183. Cindy says:

    oh my God I love this song.

    1. Schmrankel says:

      don’t take the lord’s name in vain you heathen.

  184. Chris says:

    Mr. Editor,
    Where are these atheists you speak of?
    Posting misleading articles seems to be causing everyone to be, “mad as hell”

  185. Linda says:

    Anyone who knows anything about Carrie and Mike, knows they are deeply religious. As with everything she sings, this is a beautiful song. @ Chrissy: I agree with you 100%. I too am not Christian, and I can’t imagine how anyone could be so naïve as to be enraged, or to think others are enraged. To have that kind of faith, providing it is not hurting others, is a beautiful thing. The author is trying to stir the pot. It is a song, and as such, everyone can chose to listen to it or not.

  186. Paula says:

    Beautiful song…

  187. Chrissy says:

    I am a liberal, and I am also not a Christian, but Ms. Underwoods faith and her beautiful voice are things I both admire about her. I have watched Carrie since her audition on American Idol. She is one of the most pure and beautiful souls i have ever had the fortune to encounter. (I am a spiritualist). She has a beautiful soul and was destined to greatness in her life. I find it amusing that people believe that just because you don’t believe in mainstream Christianity that her faith in God somehow enrages people like me and atheists and other religious believers. I find her voice to be beautiful and her faith in her God inspiring. The people who wrote this article are just trying to stir a pot that has boiled dry long ago. I love you Carrie!

  188. Ariadne says:

    I hope people will realize that the headline of this article is the only place where atheists being upset is mentioned. This is sadly an attempt to be a divisive issue, when really it is very, very unlikely that any atheists will be upset over this song. I am not a Christian, but that doesn’t make me unable to appreciate the song and respect Carrie Underwood, whose music I love!
    Please do not buy into Political Insiders attempt to demonize without any facts to support its headline. Jesus preached love and forgiveness for all 🙂

  189. Laura says:

    I don’t think Atheists do. I know I don’t care, and I know countless other Atheists that could care less also. This article is stirring the pot for no reason. Turning people against each other for nothing. It’s sad. I don’t care for Carrie Underwood much personally, but I listen to classic soul and gospel and it’s absolutely beautiful.

    1. KateInLA says:

      I’m not atheist at all and I like the song and I still find this article horribly misleading.

      1. Frank says:

        Absolutely. Sooo, what did the bad atheists say? I see no quotes, I see no links, just a phantom accusation that calls atheists bad people.

    2. Wrenn says:


      She has a nice voice, she sings what she wants to, she’s making enough money to pursue her craft. Good for her.

      That Atheists would be upset about what somebody chooses to sing? Sorry. No. Atheists aren’t the ones trying to silence others who don’t agree with them. This is attempting to make something out of nothing, just because it’s a song with some religious overtones/subject matter.

      You know what? I love Handel’s Messiah, especially the Hallelulah Chorus (and I’ve sung it myself, in chorus, many times). It’s a beautiful work. Doesn’t make me any less an atheist.

  190. Kari says:

    Who are all these atheists that are “mad as hell” ?? I am an atheist and know a lot of other atheists and not a single one is mad about *any* song about *any* religion or it’s god. This is just click-bait/trying to stir stuff up/stupid crap. Stop trying to divide everyone and cause conflict, it’s not necessary.

    1. Don says:

      Amen Kari. I am a Christian and I agree to some you say. I don’t hate you because you don’t believe in I what I believe in. Lots of folk do not know what love is all about be it christen of atheists it takes time for some but the word tells us who believe to love your neighbor as your self. God says you (will) love your neighbor to me that is a command, and don’t wait to long!!!

  191. Glenda says:

    Beautiful song….keep singing it…the athesists are on their way to H— anyway so keep singing for all of us who love the Lord …

    1. Thomas says:

      Most atheists couldn’t care less about songs. Constantly being told that we’re going to hell, however…..

      1. Grace says:

        It is the responsibility of Christians to make every effort to bring the unsaved to Christ…..the endless torment and agony of Hell is not something any true Christian wishes on anyone. Luke 16:19-31 gives a glimpse of what it will be like, as the man begs for someone to go to his house and tell his family so they won’t suffer the same fate….think of your children growing up without Christ and His word, with this as their final resting place, and looking to you from Hell asking “Why didn’t you tell me?”Once they reach the age of accountability knowing right from wrong, they are sentenced to this fate unless SOMEONE comes along and tells them about Jesus and His love, how He died for our sins so that we might be saved by His grace, and they come to accept and believe in Christ as their own personal Savior. Even if you make this choice for yourself as an adult with all of the knowledge of your options, you owe it to your family and children to allow them the right to make their own choices and have them educated and exposed to the Word. The Bible also says that the man of the house is to be the leader and lead the family in the way of the Lord…..so you are the first and foremost person responsible for the salvation of your family.

    2. Sharie says:

      No one is going to hell, just like no one is going to heaven…………….

    3. Galen says:

      Christians threatening Atheists with hell is like a child telling an adult that santa isn’t going to bring them any presents. It’s Cute, but ineffective.

  192. Astrid says:

    If you dont like the song dont listen to the song, but please! respect to carrie underwood and her beliefs. I LOVED THE SONG, HER VOICE AND HIS DEVOTION. GOOD FOR HER

  193. Jim says:


    1. Schmrankel says:

      what does being a liberal have to do with anything?

    2. Christopher says:

      Liberalism and atheism are mutually exclusive groupings.

    3. Christopher says:

      Also, too, who is upset about anything?

  194. Rick says:

    So I do not quite understand why I am mad as hell about this song. I love her voice and think the song is quite pretty. Also one of my favorite songs of all time is Amazing Grace and I love the sound when I play it on my Piano. The title is misleading and quite frankly ridiculous.

  195. Nancy says:


  196. Jae says:

    Way to reach out and be inclusive, soul winners! (That’s sarcasm, for all of you preaching to the choir)

  197. La says:

    Great song who cares what the atheists think….

    1. Sharie says:

      We atheists think nothing one way or the other about this song, I know of not one single atheist that cares. There are no mad atheists. Just propaganda from the media!!!

  198. Jenna says:

    I’m not sure why atheists would be mad about this song…? As a non-believer myself, I’m not “mad as hell” about it, and neither is anyone I know. I feel as though the title of this article is simply there to be sensational to garner more clicks and likes. It’s clearly stirring up trouble, or attempting to, where there was none to begin with. This makes no sense whatsoever.

    1. Robert says:

      Congratulations on falling for it.

  199. Curtis says:

    Can someone please show me where athiests are mad about this song. The article is just propaganda with a title to get people riled up and then just song lyrics for content. No one outside of Carrie Underwood fans care about this song or its lyrics.

  200. Rebecca says:

    Atheists don’t want to hear it??? HMMMMM—-I wonder why???

    1. Norma says:

      We know why,don’t we!? Praise God!

    2. Thomas says:

      I don’t because I don’t like this style of music. Couldn’t care less about the lyrical content.

    3. Donovan says:

      Christian is so ready to believe something without any proof attached to this article? Hmm, wonder why?

      1. Benjamin says:

        “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 | KJV

        1. Bender says:

          Does that mean for your news, too, Benny?

          “Evidence? I don’t need no stinkin’ evidence! If the article mentions GOD, I believe it!”

    4. Rabid says:


      Oh, wait, he doesn’t exist either.

    5. Jeff says:

      Atheists don’t want to hear what Rebecca? That people, Christians and Atheists, click-bait article titles that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual text. So where are these “mad as hell” Atheists Rebecca?

  201. Lu says:

    Atheists always need to complain. They dont believe so we dont care. Great song!!! Keep it up Carrie spread the good word!

    1. Thomas says:

      Where are the complaining atheists? People are making that assumption that because people are atheists, it must make them mad as hell if someone writes a song about god. I know a lot of people who won’t like the song, mainly because they just don’t like this style of music. But the song isn’t going to make us angry. Just another example of people trying to paint atheists in a negative light.

    2. Bender says:

      Please point to the complaining atheists of this article.

  202. Phillip says:

    Beautiful song,beautiful lady,and she can sing to. She seems to be on the right road now,hope she continues with this type music.

  203. Lori says:

    No one cares what her song is about, including atheists. It’s clear that the author of this article is just trying to create controversy and get people yelling at each other on is post so that he gets more hits. There’s absolutely NO evidence in the article that atheists are “mad as hell”. People who don’t like to listen to bible thumping, just won’t listen to it. No one is mad about it. This article is total nonsense. Don’t fall for it.

    1. Deron says:

      Spot on. Just about every headline nowadays is intended to stir up emotion. All the knee-jerk reactions make sincere Christians look foolish. Ridiculous worthless article. I love Jesus and I have no intention of making non-believers mad… I would rather introduce them to a fulfilling faith. The irreverent are not the enemy, evil is.

    2. Thomas says:

      Exactly. Yellow journalism.

  204. Angela says:

    guess they’ve never listened to country music before…99% of country music is about faith of some kind…there is a simple solution for anyone that doesn’t like a certain song or music type…change the channel…..

    1. Sharie says:

      Country music is also about booze and sex and cheating…………..

  205. Pam says:

    This is such a beautiful song Carrie, Keep up the AWESOME songs. If ur not a Christseson then u don’t have to listen to her songs, lyrics she wrote this for her self and fans who do beleive n the same things as she does! It does nt mean. That certain ppl. Have to like or agree with everything shd sings. I think she is an AMAZING MUSICAN PERIOD! I WILL AND DO STAND WITH HER REGUARDLESS OF HER RELGIONS! LUV HER HONESTY.!!!!!!!GOD BLESS HER! PAM FROM TN.

    1. Tristan says:

      Lol whats a “Christseson”?

    2. Christopher says:

      Who is standing against her, Pam?

      All of us atheists here so far that I’ve seen support her right to express her beliefs even though we don’t share them. That’s what’s great about America.

      What we are angry about is this slanderous, stereotyping article.

  206. Yvonne says:


    1. Dennis says:

      Yvonne, you are so right!

  207. Skep says:

    Umm…who exactly are these atheists who are “mad as hell”? I’m an atheist, and I’m certainly not mad. While country music isn’t really my thing, I don’t have a problem with the song at all. It’s kinda catchy.

    1. Carrie says:

      I have many Atheist friends that have respect when I say grace, they bow their heads. There are many though that are radicals.

      1. Rick says:

        Never met a single “Radical” atheist

      2. Schmrankel says:

        I won’t bow my head, close my eyes, fold my hands, or any of that nonsense. I bow to no one.

        1. Dennis says:

          Believe me you will schmranke.

        2. Grace says:

          Oh, but you will….check out Luke 16:19-31, paying special attention to verses 23-26……torment and agony awaits those who choose to turn their backs on Christ.

          1. Rob says:

            so, it claims it in a book, doesn’t mean it’s true. You first have to prove the voracity of the book.

        3. Allen says:

          Do you plan on living forever? Bowing to no one will not matter when your 6 feet under. I thought like you at one time, but I decided to keep an open mind about truth and learned a few things. You’d be wise to do the same thing, stubbornness will get you nowhere.

        4. Dan says:

          One day you will, I promise.

          1. Galen says:

            Christians threatening Atheists with hell is like a child telling an adult that santa isn’t going to bring them any presents. It’s Cute, but ineffective.

    2. Helen says:

      Thank you,Skep!

  208. Matt says:

    Where are these mas as hell atheists at? Oh, thats right, they don’t really care at all. The headline is just a way to get people riled up..as well as promote a song. Trust me, we don’t care how many songs she -or anyone else – sings about god. Good for her. Make that money.

    1. Wayne says:

      Exactly. Why would we care at all? This is just yet another attempt by the conservative media to make atheists seem angry and irrational.

  209. tony says:

    Atheist? Think you better add Islam in there also….GOD BLESS YOU CARRIE…Your voice is like a singing angel…Jesus loves you and blessed you….May he be with you always

  210. Sharron says:

    You go Carrie..love the new song..why should Atheists be mad cuz they dont believe in Jesus,or God anyway..

  211. Jay says:

    Atheists can go and screw themselves..Leave Carrie alone if she wants to sing about our Lord

    1. PD says:

      Hey Jay? enough with the douchebaggery you marginally educated poser.. No one is attacking you…your belief….Carries music…Carries Faith…you sit in front of the mirror so you can say truly ignorant crap like this??? It’s quite interesting how easily you are duped by a moronic troll…nice Christ-Nature you got there…………………………………homie.

    2. Chris says:

      We are not upset about her song it’s the article that pisses us off.

    3. Steven says:

      As an athiest I can tell you I have never heard of this song till now and could care less. Also that “athiest can screw themselves” must be what Jebus’ love is all about. 😉

    4. Gustav says:

      has anyone here said anything about Carrie? , DIDN’T THINK SO, YOU IDJIT.

    5. cutes22 says:

      um, dude, no one is hassling her. No one cares. Don’t believe everything you read.

    6. Sharie says:

      No atheists are mad about this song, that’s just propaganda. Atheists couldn’t care less what people sing about, unlike Christians that want to ban books and music because they consider them immoral!!!

    7. Galen says:

      Atheists ARE leaving her alone, we don’t give a crap if she wants to sing a religious song. What we are taking issue with is the lies in THIS article claiming that we are somehow up in arms over it. I never even heard of the song until I read this blatantly false article.

  212. Linda says:

    Boy people need to get a life. It is just a song stating how Carrie feels about the Lord. That is what your call freedom of speech. As others say the people that do mot like the song need to live their own life and stop complaining.

    1. Gustav says:

      that’s not freedom of speech

  213. P Aaron says:

    Jesus Take The Wheel is another beautiful song that moves me every time I hear it. Carrie Underwood’s singing and songs are a large part what’s so great about today’s Country Music that so touches many of us. Her version of How Great Thou Art was meant for her to sing & pass on to others the Joy of Faith and the strength and resolve it can give one to get through life. Atheists are too nosy and should just enjoy their lives…alone.

    1. Rose says:

      Keep belting out these great songs Carrie! You truly rock as an artist what an inspiration you are to
      all of us. Love this song!

    2. Caren says:

      Just as P Aaron stated. “Jesus Take the Wheel”, was a number #1 top hit and seller. I believe if you’re atheists, then don’t listen to the song. Just like us Christians when we hear atheistic songs, we have to turn another ear. I think that the song is beautiful, riveting, and powerful. Carrie is known for powerful songs and performances.

      1. Chris says:

        Sure because believing a magical sky being poofed everything into existence makes alot of sense.

        1. Keith says:

          Some thoughts for you Chris. Scientists agree that we live in a finite universe yes? There was a beginning or birth to our universe, a ‘creation event’. So we have to ask ourselves, did everything come from nothing? If there’s a design, typically there’s a designer right? The laws of the universe, where did they come from? Why doesn’t the earth just spin off and fly away from the sun? Gotta love the law of gravity. Who put that law in place? Isn’t it cool that we have this protective bubble around our planet which protects us from the sun’s radiation? What are the odds of something as complex as a human eye or a human brain just coming to be by some lucky random event? How can ALL of this creation, order & design come from chaos?

          I can’t talk anyone into truly believing that there is a God. I believe that if someone can talk someone into something, someone else can talk them out of it. But I can tell you that many atheists are no longer atheists because they went down this very same path of asking questions and seeking answers. Personally I do believe in God, I’m a Christian. I do not believe in fairytales. God is very real, but you won’t take my word for it. You have to seek Him yourself. It’s between you and God. Love you buddy, and I love you whether you’re straight, gay, an atheists, hindu, buddhists, agnostic or whatever. Jesus said the Father’s two most important commandments are to love God with all of your heart and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. There is one God, and we will all stand before Him when we die…Peace

      2. Steve says:

        Well I’m a child of God,and so are you and Gods word Tells us.WE are to love each other as we love our self.Maybe we should all be like brothers we need to help each other like we use to.Back when I grew up WE helped each other work on car,farm,build house or a out building or anything our friends needed we didn’t have a lot of crime were lived

      3. Christina says:

        I’m a christian… But I’ve never heard an atheistic song…. may I’m stuck under a rock but that point is kinda…. well…. not a point at all.

      4. Karen says:

        Do you have any proof that atheists are complaining about this song? Anyone? Bueller?

    3. Joseph says:

      Jesus tale the wheel? How do you expect a dead guy who lived before cars where even invented to drive one?

      1. Enola says:

        It’s called symbolism! I certainly hope your kidding! It just means that she is asking the Lord to help her with her burdens because she can’t do it alone anymore. I love this song, because it always reminds me that no matter how difficult things may become, He will always be there to “take the wheel” for awhile.

      2. William says:

        I hate to tell you this but he is not dead.

        Can you prove that there is no God?

        1. Chris says:

          I made an account on this crappy website specifically to respond to you.

          You absolute idiot.

          “Can you prove there is no god?”
          This is what’s called an argument from ignorance (look it up)

          You can’t disprove existence, you moron.

          Can I prove there is no god? Nope.
          Can YOU prove there’s not a giant teapot floating in outer space that orbits in such a way that we can’t see it (Bertrand Russell’s teapot, look it up)? Nope.

          1. mohawk16 says:

            Haha I made an account on this ridiculous website just so I could “like” your comment, but alas, I see no “like” button. So here’s a substitute:

        2. Galen says:

          Oh please… can you PROVE that there is no invisible/untouchable pink dinosaur standing behind you.

          Yeah, that’s what you’re basically saying.
          You can’t prove a negative.
          And the burden of proof falls on the one making the claim.. ie… claiming a Gawd exists.

        3. Galen says:

          And you’re right. Gawd isn’t dead, he never lived/existed in the first place.

  214. Mavis says:

    /absolutely beautiful! We need more songs such as these! I love ?Carrie and she is from Oklahoma! My state!

  215. Tricia says:

    I support Carrie in all her inspirational songs! She does a wonderful job singing to the Lord!!

  216. Roger says:

    An absolutely beautiful way to show your love for the Lord!

    1. Chery says:

      i support carrie u go girl

      1. Steve says:

        I’m sorry but I can’t support anyone that doesn’t believe ALL of scripture. She has came out for gay “marriage” and the Bible is against it so she is not a real Christian. And no I am not judging her just saying what the Bibles says.

        1. Biz says:

          Maybe she found the “real Jesus” she was blind but no she sees!! It doesn’t matter about the past,

          1. Biz says:

            NOW SHE SEES*

        2. Donna says:

          the Bible may say God is against homosexuality. But that is for Him to decide on judgement day. Not for us. As Christians are we not told to love without judgement? I am Christian. I love my gay and straight friends. It is not for me to decide their lifestyle is wrong. Mine isn’t always the best either. They don’t judge me. Only God gets to do that.

          1. Tony says:

            Donna God states pretty clear in his word that people who think homosexuality is normal are just as guilty as homosexuals who think that it is normal. I doubt very much that she is a Christian since she supports men marrying men and woman marrying woman . What does God say.Jesus called the practice of homosexuality an abomination . What is there to argue about ? Jesus is the Creator . He is the same God of Genesis 1:1 . He is the God that gave Moses the Law. He is the same God that picked Paul to be the apostle to the gentiles and told Paul what to preach.

            Galatians 1:11-24
            Paul Called by God
            11 For I would have you know, brothers, that the gospel that was preached by me is not man’s gospel.[a] 12 For I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ

            Be not deceived, neither …abusers of themselves with mankind [Gk: arsenokoites-sodomites/male bed partners/male-liers] shall inherit the kingdom of God” (I Cor. 6:9-10).

            “And such [unrighteous, fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, effeminate, abusers of themselves with mankind, thieves, covetous, drunkards, revilers, extortioners] WERE [past tense, but not now] some of you but you are washed, but you are sanctified, but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Cor. 6:11).

            “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even [1] their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also [2] the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense [penalty] of their error which was meet [due]” (Rom. 1:26-27)
            Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago

          2. Jim says:

            the Bible says nothing about not molesting children. By your logic we should not be against child molesters either because we should not judge right? Also we should support sibling marriage right? Wat about abortion, should we stand by and let the babies die?

          3. Mark says:

            I appreciate your overall sentiment here Donna. However, as a Christian, it’s also your responsibility to warn your homosexual friends that they are living in sin. What if they don’t repent? Do you not fear for their souls? Yes, you are right, God is the ultimate judge as to whether they will go to Heaven or Hell. However, remember, He will judge. We must all fear that judgement and REPENT of our sins. Just because we are not supposed to “judge” others destiny for eternity does not mean we should not help them repent. We can do that without pushing ourselves on them. Just keep praying for them to repent and invite them into the faith. God will also change them if they open their hearts to Him. Make no mistake, they need to change. For their own souls. It’s not about knowing whether they will go to Heaven or Hell, but rather, knowing that they COULD go to hell if they don’t repent.

          4. Ryan says:

            Jim, I’m not sure how you glean condoning child molestation from Donna’s comment. Just because the Bible doesn’t say anything about it doesn’t mean that it was for it. Jesus said, “It would be better for them to be thrown into sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” (Luke 17:2)

            Just because she doesn’t judge people’s lifestyles doesn’t mean she isn’t against child molestation. Your statement is ignorant and I find no logic in it. You are putting words into Donna’s mouth. Not cool.

            As a victim of molestation myself, I find your comment offensive and insensitive. It has taken me years to get healed from the pain and shame. I try not to condemn anyone and not judge anyone, but that doesn’t mean I condone molestation. It is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

          5. Bill says:

            Two Laws in the Torah

            > Two Laws in the Torah were fulfilled on the same day.
            For those who haven’t heard, Washington State passed two landmark laws: “Gay marriage” and the “Legalization of marijuana.”

            The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day makes perfect biblical sense because Leviticus 20:13 says: “If a man lies with another man they should be stoned.”

            We just hadn’t interpreted it correctly.

          6. kcruzette7 says:

            God has already judged and He’s already decided. ..What is love? Love is to keep His commandments. Isn’t it trying to convince someone so that their blood isn’t upon your hands? There’s a lot of ooey gooey love that some Christians project – it’s sissified..with the excuse we gotta love them.- therefore, you don’t take a stand for righteousness. That doesn’t mean you alienate them but you must love them enough to help them and work with them into the salvation plan…

            You will be judged for not doing so…while you continue in your
            sissified love pretending you care…but you really don’t or you’d tell them. It will be a horrible thing that you had opportunity but you ‘want to be play’ cutesy Christian.

            Stand up!

          7. Trese says:

            Another “christian” who loves the world more than the word of God or you are unlearned of Gods word.. John 1:1. We are told to righteously judge and according to Gods word. We judge by a persons words and actions over a period of time. Carrie has not repented for her worldly views on gay marriage thus she is opposed to GODS WORD and she is being REBELLIOUS.Examine yourself Donna. Are you sure you are reborn?? 1 corinth 15:13 Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”….2 Corinth 6:17 Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you,

            Learn your Bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People like you are COUNTLESS! The road is narrow. What part of that did you not understand?Lets take a look at what God says about his SAINTS judging oky doky? I stand with my savior. I could care less what you think. You need to learn. Maybe you will re-evaluate your “christianity”

            “The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.” (Psa 37:30)
            “With my lips have I declared all the judgments of thy mouth.” (Psa 119:13)
            “Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” (Prov 31:9)
            Jesus commended Simon, “Thou hast rightly judged.” (Luke 7:43)
            “Now, thou son of man, wilt thou judge, wilt thou judge the bloody city? yea, thou shalt show her all her abominations.” (Ezek 22:2)
            “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.” (1 Cor 2:15)
            “Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?” (1 Cor 6:2)
            “Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?” (1 Cor 6:3)

          8. Benjamin says:

            Donna, the Bible does NOT tell us to not judge, it in fact tells us we are supposed to judge. How can we ascertain if a person needs to hear the Gospel if we don’t judge that’s? Let’s look at what the Word of God says.

            Matthew 7:1 starts out warning us to be careful about judging others, “Judge not, that ye be not judged”. We need to always “look at ourselves” before we “look at others.” It gives an example of trying to judge someone else for a tiny “mote” in his/her eye, when we may have a huge “beam” in our own (vss. 3,4). The point is clear, we are not ready to judge another person, until we have judged ourselves.

            That point is affirmed in other Scriptures as well. “But let a man examine HIMSELF…” (Holy Bible, I Corinthians 11:28). “For if we would JUDGE OURSELVES, we should not be judged” (Holy Bible, I Corinthians 11:31). That is an exact echo of the meaning of Matthew 7:1,2. The Bible principle is clear — we reap what we sow. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Holy Bible, Galatians 6:7). If we go around with a critical spirit, looking for faults in others, then that is exactly how others will treat us.

            So the Bible is very clear — BE WILLING TO JUDGE SIN IN YOUR OWN LIFE FIRST. If we do not, then verse 5 tells us what people are going to think of us and our criticism — that we are “hypocrites.”

            Having done FIRST THINGS FIRST, then the Bible does tell us that there is a time to judge others around us. Notice that same chapter (Matthew 7), and verses 13-23.

            Verses 13 and 14 deal with eternal life. There is the “broad, wide” way that leads to destruction (verse 13). Notice that “MANY there be which go in thereat.” MANY are following the wrong road, and thus are not going to have eternal life. Then there is the “narrow, strait” way that leads to life, eternal life (verse 14). But carefully notice how many are taking that road — FEW. So the end result of those verses is that most people upon the earth are taking a road which is leading them straight to hell. How can that be, when so many people have a “religion?” Because someone is leading them astray.

            That is where verses 15-23 come into focus. These “leaders” are “false prophets” (verse 15). Why do “religious” people follow false prophets? That verse tells you why, because they come in “sheep’s clothing.” They appear to be “children of God.” They appear to “know the Lord” (verses 21-23). So how do you know who is, and who is not? The Bible tells you to JUDGE THEM according to their fruit (verses 16-20). They claim to be saved and leading people in the right way, but are they? You have to judge their fruit to know. Their fruit is “corrupt” and “evil.” So the Bible tells us that WE MUST JUDGE THEM, or be in danger of being led away in error.

            A “noble” Christian is one who JUDGES EVERYTHING that he hears. What is the standard by which all things are to be judged? The Word of God. “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, AND SEARCHED THE SCRIPTURES DAILY, WHETHER THOSE THINGS WERE SO” (Holy Bible, Acts 17:11). Everything they heard, they went home and judged according to the Word of God. People had better get used to that, because that is exactly what people will face when they stand before God. “He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the WORD that I have spoken, THE SAME SHALL JUDGE HIM in the last day” (Holy Bible, John 12:48).

            Please notice the example given of “false prophets” in Matthew 7:21-23. It is a classic example of “ravening wolves” in “sheep’s clothing.” Notice carefully verse 22. MANY are going to say this to the Lord. Not a few, but MANY. What are they going to say?

            They are going to say, “Lord, Lord.” They are going to know the name of the Lord, and use it frequently.

            They are going to say that they “prophesied in thy name.”

            They are going to say that “in thy name have cast out devils.”

            They are going to say that “in thy name done many wonderful works.”

            These people surely must be saved, right? They always talk about the Lord. They go around prophesying in the Lord’s name. They cast out devils in the Lord’s name. They do wonderful works, miracles, in the Lord’s name. They have to be saved, right? WRONG. Look at verse 23. The Lord is going to say to them, “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Those people are “religious,” but “lost.” WE HAVE TO JUDGE THEM, OR PEOPLE WILL BE LED AWAY IN THEIR ERROR.

            Now let me ask you a question. Can you see from those verses some modern-day leaders that we should judge? Leaders that appear to be “sheep,” but are really “wolves?” Leaders that teach their people to use the Lord’s name frequently? Leaders whose emphasis is almost entirely “prophesying, casting out devils, and doing wonderful works or miracles?” It is about impossible to miss. Verse 22 exactly describes the Charismatic Movement of our day. “Many” are being led away into their error.

            We are in a desperate situation in America. We have Christians who are not willing to judge anything. They are not willing to first judge themselves, and repent of their sin. Nor are they willing to judge false doctrine when they see it or hear it. We find so-called Christians living in open sin, and seemingly with no shame. We find professing Christians who are going to Charismatic churches, and seemingly cannot see the multitude of unscriptural doctrines and practices. We find a multitude of men joining in with such movements as the “Promise Keepers,” whose goal is to “break down denominational barriers.”

            What are those “barriers?” Doctrine. Bible doctrine. For the sake of “unity,” they are willing to forsake their stand upon God’s Word. They have twisted Matthew 7:1 to its limit. OUR PROBLEM IS THAT WE ARE NO LONGER WILLING TO JUDGE OURSELVES, OR OTHERS. Because of this, we are seeing the giant build up of a “one world church.” A church where “no one judges anyone or anything.” In our day, the Charismatic Movement, and the Promise Keeper’s Movement are being used to build such a gathering. In such days, who will stand up and judge according to the Word of God? Who will stand upon the Word, and the Word alone? Will you be that one?

        3. Dan says:

          what an ignorant statement….I can’t even respond any more than that!

          1. Daniel says:

            Pay no attention to Jim. His ignorance is showing. isnt there some verse that says it would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown into the sea then to harm a child? Oh thats right…its Luke 17:2 and the last time I looked Luke was IN the Bible.

            Maybe Jim should get his eyes fixed or stop listening to BS artists?

        4. Cindi says:

          You don’t know where she is in her faith… Pretty judgemental for a full fledged Christian.. It’s not our place to judge the power inky belongs to the Lord

          1. Trese says:

            Gods said you will perish for lack of knowledge. Learn Gods word you ignorant (unlearned) woman. How else are we to know someone lest we righteously judge by habit of words from their mouths and habits of action? Christians like you grieve the spirit.

            “The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.” (Psa 37:30)
            “With my lips have I declared all the judgments of thy mouth.” (Psa 119:13)
            “Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” (Prov 31:9)
            Jesus commended Simon, “Thou hast rightly judged.” (Luke 7:43)
            “Now, thou son of man, wilt thou judge, wilt thou judge the bloody city? yea, thou shalt show her all her abominations.” (Ezek 22:2)
            “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.” (1 Cor 2:15)
            “Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?” (1 Cor 6:2)
            “Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?” (1 Cor 6:3)

        5. Tony says:

          absolutely correct . If we as Christians support gay marriage then we are just as guilty . Jesus is the Creator, He is the God of Genesis 1. He gave Moses the law. He picked Paul to be an apostle and told him what to preach . For those people who say that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality are completely wrong. If we tell people that it is not a sin we are guilty of telling God what is and is not sin. WOW! I pray for carrie and to all the people she has mislead.

          1. Trese says:

            Well said. We as saints will be held accountable for winking at anothers sin when we should have stood up and strongly reproved it according to scripture. Yes we love the sinner but not the sin but that does NOT mean we are to be “tolerant”. If we truly are on fire for Jesus;we HATE SIN because he does. God is Holy. There is no in between.!! Tthe latest lie of the immergent church is to respect peoples sin and just love. The road is narrow and most are cowards and lovers of the world to truly walk it. Lukewarm will be vomited from Jesus’ mouth. So many will perish for lack of understanding. It saddens me.
            Gods grace to you brother.. Keep carrying your cross. I appreciate saints like yourself. We are few.

          2. Keith says:

            TONY, Jesus is NOT The Creator, GOD is! Jesus was his Son! And as far as Moses goes, I hope you know, Moses didn’t write the Old Testament, The Bible wasn’t even Written for another 500 years! Bet ya didn’t know that one!500 hundred years, and you think they got everything RIGHT!!! I read most of the Comments about this song that Carrie Underwood sang, and I can’t Believe that Most of you call yourself Christians!!! Do you do that to every song that has been written? I’m not just picking on you Tony, It’s this BASHING that all these so called Christians are doing to another Human being. You can Quote all the verses you want from the Bible, and it doesn’t mean a thing in the END! Because we have ALL Sin at least once in our lifetime. If ya say NO, your a LIAR! I will say this, The Closet Door, should have NEVER been Opened!!

        6. Galen says:

          So, I take it you never wear clothing made from two different fabrics. Or you never eat shellfish. And you would kill your children for disobedience.

          I could go on, but I think you get the point.

          1. Trese says:

            The point is that you have tried to understand the Bible but you simply cant! You are a god scoffer and you are blinded by the antichrist. You are a like a child trying to do algebra.
            Sorry charlie. You cant have wisdom without walking with Jesus Christ! John 14:6 REPENT and be saved before its too late!!

        7. Audrey says:

          The Bible also says love your neighbor as your friend. Therefore don’t go around putting down other peoples views or how they want to live their lives.

          1. Frank says:

            Hmmmm!!! I think you may need to look that up. I believe you will find that the Bible says “Love thy neighbor as thy self”.

          2. Trese says:

            The Bible does NOT say that! Try again.

        8. Jurrell says:

          Just a question Mr Zebulun…First of all, why do you see the need to post all the profanity…and.. if you are an atheist, why do you read,study and know the Bible? The Bible is a Christians guideline for life so you obviously should not have any interest in the Bible or in anything that God wrote in it…. I respect your opinion not to believe and not to believe the Bible, just remember, if we are wrong about God and Gods word we are still okay when the Rapture comes, BUT if we are right, those who don’t believe will be cast into Hell….Is it really worth the chance you are taking by not believing…. IM TRULY SAYING THIS IS LOVE…. just want you to remember

        9. Jessica says:

          Funny that’s the exact opposite of what Jesus taught and what he did in his own life – you may want to recheck your bible – not saying Gay marriage is right but your attitude and behavior is not any better

        10. Eileen says:

          The bible also says you shouldn’t eat pork or shellfish. So if you’ve ever done that, then you’re not a “real Christian” either. You need to tread very carefully, If you’re going to take the bible so literally, before you know it you’ll be stoning your grandmother to death in the public square for wearing two different kinds of fabric at the same time.

          1. Daniel says:

            want to show where it says you shouldnt eat pork? I have read it over and over and have never seen that phrase anywhere in it in any book or chapter or verse.

          2. Bruce says:

            Eileen – some comments to your post in regard to eating pork, for example. Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and the New Testament brings a different dispensation. Some legal issues are fulfilled and don’t apply but marriage between man and woman is continued in the N.T. However in regard to eating, listen to how Paul clarified the issue.

            I Cor 10:23-27 – All things are lawful for me but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me but not all things edify. Let no one seek his own, but each other the other ‘s well-being. Eat whatever is sold in the meat market making no questions for conscience’ sake; for the earth is the Lord’s and all it fullness. If any of those who do not believe invites you to dinner, and you desire to go, eat WHATEVER IS SET BEFORE YOU, asking no questions for conscience sake.

            He goes on to say that a Christian should not eat meat offered to idols if it would offend a brother who is watching. It is ok to eat but not to offend, don’t eat in that case. Missionaries are presented with all kinds of food and prayer of thanksgiving is in order.

            In the latter days some will command to abstain from certain foods (I Tim 4:3)………….
            I Timothy 4:4,5: For every creature of God is good and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving; for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

            On the topic – loved the song and Carrie. Salvation is a combination of forgiveness and faith in Jesus Christ and a testimony follows with water baptism. (baptism is merely an outward expression of an inward change). God Bless.

        11. Scott says:

          Dude, you gotta calm down. I understand that you’re an atheist but is what you’re doing any better? Of course starting with the old Reasoning, Logic, Validity, etc. isn’t going to prove anything in this world. Reading the bible and “understanding it” are 2 different things. It’s pretty clear why these things were written in the bible…not to condemn but as a warning in a loving way. Ever wonder why things written in the bible are actually coming true more and more as we move on in time? Just sit and think about it for a little while. No need to argue or get upset about this.

          What I find amazing is that most people in this world want to ACCEPT everything and that if they don’t, they’re being judged. Just as you have EVERY right in the world to believe there is no God and that what’s written is bogus. There’s plenty of scripture that talks about God loving the sinner but NOT the sin. It speaks openly about homosexuality, not homosexuals. It’s the lifestyle and not the person’s life hat God is saddened about. There are other clear warnings not only about homosexuality but fornication (sex outside of marriage – look up the definition). Read Romans 1:18-32 in the bible. It CLEARLY speaks not only about men being with men and women being with women, but also about adulterers in other parts of scripture. They’re no different. It’s a matter of a person coming to grips with how they’re living their life. If they’re happy with it, there’s nothing you or I can do about it. You stand on the fact that there is no God, I stand on the fact that there is a God. We accept each other, yet we don’t accept each others’ opinions and beliefs. Understand. You have every right to stand up for what you believe but do you have any proof that God doesn’t exist, that He loves the homosexual but not the lifestyle? Do you have anything that disproves God at all? If what’s written in the bible is true and fact, then you need to go read the 1st chapter of Romans and see what it says.

          Someone I once worked with came and asked me this question, “Show me in the bible where it says God is against homosexuality : Man/man woman/woman. So I pointed her to Romans 1: 18-32. She read it and came back to me and gave me a smile as if she got the point without me having to say anything about whether it was right or wrong. What matters is what God thinks and believes. We can justify and make things as comfortable as we want so that it caters to us. I notice in the world that people are accepting of just about every religion out there, EXCEPT christianity. Why, because it holds a mirror up to the person and shows them what’s wrong in their life…not as a way to condemn them but an opportunity to change. No one has to make a change in their lifestyle. If someone who keeps committing adultery never gets caught, eventually his conscience is going to get the best of him. God works through that, unless you have no conscience at all or one wants to keep ignoring it. Deep down, we ALL know what’s right and wrong, but we choose what is most comfortable for us. Get my point? Remember, I’m a Christian but I’m not battling you on this. Just as you want others to understand what you’ve written, I’m also trying to help you understand what’s been written for thousands of years that people keep trying to disprove, yet the bible (God’s word) remains unchanged and the truth of it keeps coming out more and more everyday. Just look around.

          Here’s something interesting. I have a good friend who’s openly homosexual. We’ve been to Christian concerts together and other times we’ve kicked back with a beer. Remember, the people doesn’t talk about God being against having a drink. It just talks about “drunkards.” So I had an interesting conversation with him about his past. I asked him all sorts of questions about him growing up and all. He confessed to me that when he was very young, his mom had to work so she wasn’t able to be home with him much. He was left with a teen girl who frequently watched him. Well he finally confessed to some terrible things about how she verbally abused him (I summized She probably physically/sexually abused him as well but that would be too painful to bring up). He then proceeds to tell me that his mother also abused him verbally. I dare not pry into that one any deeper. So, after all was said, I asked him if I could make a statement and he was open. I said, “So after 2 important women early on in your life have verbally abused you and maybe there was some other type of abuse, do you think maybe you were TURNED OFF by women in general? Do you think you could project all of your early on stuff and your belief system was skewed somewhat as far as your relational attitude toward women? Yes, you have nothing against them as people but maybe being in a relationship with them would be too scary because they might treat you the same way these 2 important female figures did when you were younger?” He just looked at me. I said, don’t answer that. That’s for you to figure out. Maybe you’re not really a homosexual. Our environment and the atmosphere we grow up in also shapes and molds our lives. The old “They were born that way” doesn’t cut it anymore. The person uses that as an excuse to take ANY responsibility for themselves. I’m not saying my friend was responsible for any of what happened to him. I’m just saying that it’s EASIER to live comfortably and not look into what’s happened in your past because it could be very painful. Most people aren’t open to what’s happened in their past because they feel the past is in the past. Well, let me tell you something…the past becomes someone’s present and will also become their future. People hide the fact that they were abused for so many reasons which is so sad. They feel if they bury it, it will go away. Only problem is, it never goes away and they operate out of that wound. My friend is clearly acting out of his wound and living a homosexual lifestyle. That’s not my opinion, it’s fact my friend. You can’t deny that. I cannot and do not condemn any homosexual. My position is to talk with them and befriend them. That means asking them about their childhood/etc. Now, it’s up to them to be honest with me or they can lie to me. That’s their call. But, what I do know about most homosexuals/lesbians is that they’ve been abused in all kinds of ways and they’re operating out of those wounds. To say that they’re born this way is a cop out and absurd. I don’t believe there’s any scientific validation to that notion. Remember, anyone can change their lifestyle if they want to but only if they feel a need to. If there’s content with how they’re living, there’s nothing any of us can do. I can’t persuade you to have a belief in God or Jesus, just you like you’re unable to persuade me He doesn’t exist. We’re both free to have our beliefs and stand up for what we believe in, even if that means going to the bible for validation.


        12. Jason says:

          Dude, I’m an atheist, too, but learn your audience and back down. lol

        13. Catherine says:

          @Steve, I’m sorry, but that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard… The Bible DOES say that it is an abomination, but the reference was before our Salvation. It doesn’t make it any less of a sin, but I think that being Judgemental is just as bad. “Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things”
          Obviously YOU haven’t read ALL the scripture either. JESUS loves us all. That was the whole point of him dying for our sins. Being gay is a sin, just like being a drunk, or being a drug addict, or being a gluten, or being a gossip. His dying on the cross for us COVERED ALL SIN.
          Now, I’m not gay, but I know that he loves a gay person, just as much as he loves me. So you saying Carrie isn’t a “REAL” Christian just shows your ignorace.
          The fact that she doesn’t JUDGE those who live differently than her, or believe different then her show better.

          1. Beki says:

            First of all, the Bible warns about judging lest you be judged. She is not saying she is gay or gonna marry a gay. She is saying that she chooses not to judge. That does not mean that she says sign her up for a gay marriage. I am not gay and not married to another woman, but it is also NOT MY PLACE to judge. I for one am glad I don’t have that responsibility because I do not know how God stands any of us except his love and grace are so far above our human understanding that we will never get it until we join him. I believe that by living my life the best I can and demonstrating God’s love and compassion, we do far more for Jesus than by sitting around like a bunch of vultures getting on the next band wagon of judging someone else.

          2. Trese says:

            Nope Catherine. You dont know your scripture! What the Bible does say is we judge righteously by owns actions and words! It goes on to say that we judge ONLY if we are not guilty of the same offense.Thats why it says to pull the log from your eye first.

            You are another sad example of a wishy washy ignorant :christian”.

        14. Levi says:

          I can’t speak for all atheists, but no one I know even listens to her. But after reading these comments, she seems to be making all the Christians pretty mad!

        15. Susan says:

          God will judge homosexuals if they don’t repent and trust Christ as their savior. It’s a fact, and to tell them otherwise is the most unloving thing you can do.

          1 Corinthians 6:9-11Contemporary English Version (CEV)

          ” Don’t you know that evil people won’t have a share in the blessings of God’s kingdom? Don’t fool yourselves! No one who is immoral or worships idols or is unfaithful in marriage or is a pervert or behaves like a homosexual will share in God’s kingdom. Neither will any thief or greedy person or drunkard or anyone who curses and cheats others. Some of you used to be like that. But now the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of God’s Spirit have washed you and made you holy and acceptable to God.

          1. Mark says:

            well put Susan

          2. Carol says:

            it would seem that many people misuse “judgement” when what is really meant is “discernment”. We should never “judge” another person but we do need to “discern” what is right and what is wrong for us individually….that is to say, each person has the responsibility of themselves to determine if they are living the life that God wants us to live and has made that abundently clear in the bible and according to Jesus’ teachings. As adults, we are advised to “stay alert” to sin and avoid it but as for making that decision as to whether we are or not, is up to each person and is very personal . We can only express our opinions and stand up for our beliefs as christians ….let God do that “judging” …we need to attend to our own souls…However, in saying that, we should still love our brothers and sisters and pray that those disobey Gods’ word will get a revelation before it is too late.

          3. Carol says:

            there seems to be a misunderstanding in the word “judging”….God is the only one that will judge on the final day to each one of us individually. However, that being said, the bible says to “stay alert” to sin for each one of us is responsibile for our own souls. As adults, we need to “discern” what is right and what is wrong according to the word of God and Jesus’ teachings so that we may not sin against God. It also says to love our brothers and sisters but we don’t have to go along with what we know is wrong for us as a person so we must pray for the person that is sinning and ask that their eyes be opened before the final day…We all have a right to our opinions but not to enforce ours on others because our souls are like fingerprints and each is approached by the Holy Spirit to “educate”our souls
            as personally as we can understand …we are approached by God in many different ways because we all perceive things differently.

          4. Trese says:

            Amen Susan! So refreshing to see a gal who actually studies her scripture. You make those other “christian” women look shameful. They really should be ashamed of not knowing Gods word which is God!

        16. Becki says:

          Jesus didn’t come to judge sinners, He came to save the sinners and to judge the church.
          He told us to love our neighbors as ourselves By loving them and showing them our example of walking a godly life then we show them who God is and what he wants for our lives.

          Jesus also said judge not that you might not be judged. We do not know all that there is to know about anyone’s situation, only God knows – and just to clarify- I am referring to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

          So, as a Christ Follower for 50 years, I applaud Carrie’s song and her stand for Christ and I pray for her and pray that God will surround her with folks to encourage and disciple her.
          In all that we do and say, may Christ be glorified. Selah!

          1. Trese says:

            Well for someone who claims to have been reborn for 50 yrs you are ignorant of the word of God!

            “The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.” (Psa 37:30)
            “With my lips have I declared all the judgments of thy mouth.” (Psa 119:13)
            “Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” (Prov 31:9)
            Jesus commended Simon, “Thou hast rightly judged.” (Luke 7:43)
            “Now, thou son of man, wilt thou judge, wilt thou judge the bloody city? yea, thou shalt show her all her abominations.” (Ezek 22:2)
            “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.” (1 Cor 2:15)
            “Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?” (1 Cor 6:2)
            “Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?” (1 Cor 6:3)

            There are many other passages and verses in the Bible about judging. While God is our ultimate Judge of all things, He has also commanded us to judge according to the Word of God.

            According to the Webster’s Dictionary, to judge means “to discern, to distinguish, to form an opinion, to compare facts or ideas, and perceive their agreement or disagreement, and thus to distinguish truth from falsehood.” Therefore, when you say that your neighbor is a “good person,” you are passing a judgment (forming an opinion) just as much as when you say that the thief is a “bad person.” A judgment simply means to form an opinion!

            2Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

        17. Eleanor says:

          I don’t know what Bible your reading, but I agree with Carrie. I am a Roman Catholic and my Bilbe scripture says and I quote from scripture; LEVITICUS CHAPTER 19 VS:22 YOU SHALL NOT LAY WITH A MALE AS WITH A WOMAN; SUCH A THING IS AN ABOMINATION; VS 23: YOU SHALL NOT HAVE CARNAL RELATIONSWITH AN ANIMAL; DEFILING YOURSELF WITH IT, since your are an atheist what bible do you reaad, last I was told your bible was APRIL 1, fools day.so sorry but I will pray for your soul……My loving Jesus tells me , I must pray for non-believers…….

        18. Judy says:

          I agree. Don’t come out for something that the Bible is totally against.

        19. By that same token, Steve, you are ALSO not a “real Christian.” I mean, if you believe ALL scripture should be adhered to, I’m supposing that none of your disobedient children are currently living (as you should have had them stoned to death). I’m going to guess that your clothes are made from mixed fabrics (an abomination in and of itself). You should also start buying up some slaves (the Old Testament will tell you the correct way to do that AND sell your daughter into slavery, if she is still alive because she was the obedient one). After all, you have to believe in ALL the scripture, right? Not just cherry pick the ones you agree with or that line up with your bigotry….

        20. We atheists couldn’t care less about the lyrics of a particular secular song. Underwood isn’t writing government policy, otherwise we’d feel differently. She has the right to believe in and sing about any imaginary friend she wants to, and I will support her right to do so. Besides, half of all country music’s songs are about having faith in or loving someone that’s never around anyway; husbands, wives, friends, a dog that suddenly dies due to the singer’s drunken rage…

          Atheists only care about such things if a) you’re trying to make policy that governs everyone and that policy is SOLELY based on your religious beliefs (like gay marriage) or b) you’re trying to force that belief on everyone. In those two cases, you better have more proof than a shabbily cobbled together book that has been shown to have been added to, redacted from, forged and mistranslated a multitude of times over. Anecdotal evidence and “personal experiences” are not evidence.

          By the way, god INVENTED the idea of abortions. A) at one time, he aborted the whole human race, save the individual lives of a handful of people he deemed worthy. The flood story. I’m sure there were thousands of pregnant women that were swept away in the surging waters. B) Numbers 5: 27-28 God invents an elixir that, when given to a pregnant woman, aborts the baby if the baby is the conception of an illicit affair. So much for every baby is sacred, huh? Oh, that’s in the Old Testament and doesn’t count? But I though god was unchanging; the same yesterday, today and forever (that’s in the New Testament, for all you lay-Christians)? When did god’s moral stance change?

          1. Professor says:

            Well Put!

            As an Atheist, I can state, that Carrie doesn’t make me the slightest bit angry about anything.

            Reading the posts in here, it seems the religious are the angry ones, to be sure!

            Some of the most beautiful songs were written about some god, or profit, or saint, or special person. It is what songs are about – praising those who someone wants to praise.

            Me thinks the Poster of this story, sensationalized the title, to get attention to a non-story.

            The title should read “Carrie Underwood’s Brand New Song Is Making Christians, MAD AS HELL! “

          2. Carol says:

            God has not changed but man does and is corrupt. God is the judge not you or I but in Corthinans 1 and Roamans it clearly states that “man shall not lay down with man, it is an abomination”. We must discern what is right and wrong according to Gods words and teachings and only the evil will twist His words. Woe to those that oppose Him . We must all speak out against unrightous acts and behavior and to not do so is a sin in itself. God created a woman for Adam, not another man.

        21. Norma says:

          lol really? You must not support yourself either then. There’s only 6 references to what people think is talking about homosexuality in the Bible, but there is over 100 bible verses about not judging others. It’s funny how people want to act all righteous, but EVERYONE is a sinner. You are supposed to love everyone. SMH “Christain”

        22. Trese says:

          Im with ya! Thank you for having the integrity to say it. Gods word is our guide. Period!! You must not be one of the “christians” that are many. Gods grace to you!

        23. Darcie says:

          The bible also states to judge not lest he be judged. The bible also is clear in stating that sin is sin. According to scripture, judging one for their personal beliefs because you do not believe the same as them or have the exact same understanding of scripture as another person makes you just as wrong as a murderer according to scripture.

        24. Lori says:

          I felt the same way Steve. I was shocked to learn of her support for same Sex marriage. Don’t know if she really feels this way, or is feeling the pressure from the liberals to take that stance, or deal with a boycott of her music because she came out against it. Which ever it is, I am not judging her, just saying if you’re gonna preach it, she should preach all of it.

        25. Chad says:

          I believe all scripture is inspired by God and Honest,and without error. Their is no Marriage in Heaven. Ms. Underwood may be in error from your viewpoint, but she became a Christian when she trusted Christ for her salvation. What errors of biblical interpretation have you made? Marriage should only be a function of a church and not a government

        26. Derek says:

          actually you’re the one that’s not a “real” Christian

        27. Patricia says:

          So you tell someone they’re not a Christian, and that’s not judging??
          A Christian is one who has accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. The Bible doesn’t say Carrie isn’t a Christian, YOU did. None of us are perfect, none of us are able to obey all of God’s word’s without fail. We are born in sin and we will die in sin. This is why Jesus died for us- He knows this. We strive to be like Christ, even though we can’t be everything He is. Here is a bit of scripture I recommend you study: Matthew 7:3-5

      2. Judy says:

        Great singer – seems to love The Lord too!

    2. Hannah says:

      Where are the angry atheists? Not a single person was mentioned. There have been no outraged atheists blogging against the song, or even commenting against it. I think there are none. I think they just don’t listen to that song.

      1. David says:

        Yeah for real. If we got mad at every song that mentioned their imaginary friends we’d stay angry. So my response is”we are?! Why?!”

        1. Robert says:

          Job mean including yourself?

        2. Brasilmagic says:

          Why does this wingnut site think we atheists give a crap about this country singer? She’s dumb as a doorknob!

          1. Rebecca says:

            Maybe it’s just the angry LIBERAL atheists and the PC police??? After all….that’s PROBABLE.

          2. Carla says:


          3. Eugene says:

            If your an atheists I want to tell something. God loves you regardless if you believe in him or not. There is a saying I have herd for years and the last words out of an atheists mouth is help me God. Sweat heart im not preaching.

          4. Nanette says:

            Well now if shes so dumb, Shes making way more money then you ever thought of, and shes spreading the work of god at the same time, Funny how people have to trash others just because they have nothing better to do with themselves, I guess what Im saying is whos the dumb one here?

          5. Sam says:

            Country person writes a song. Atheists didn’t notice because of the volume of the slayer song they’re listening to. Failed to realize they were supposed to be outraged.

            Seriously where are these atheists? I’m subscribed to several sites and heard nary a mention of any outrage over this song. Or maybe this is another case of it being imaginary.

            Look leave us out of your imaginary Atheist Outrage because there isn’t any. But well I guess more than a few people her believe in the imaginary ALOT!

          6. Jessica says:

            You are replying under it you just answered your own question

          7. Becki says:

            How sad that the only response you have is to resort to name calling and demeaning people. As I said previously, none of us know the whole picture of anyone’s life (that includes yours) and therefore, we really have no right to comment.

            and just question? If this is such a wing nut site, why are you on it? To stir the pot, or are you looking for something to fill the hole inside of you? Jesus loves you and will fill that hole. He will give you peace unending.

        3. K says:

          If Atheists are angry, then conservative America can be sure they done their part to rebel against the “evil” liberal regime. BTW, what’s wrong with being liberal? Who doesn’t love having a liberal helping of pie? I know I do!

          1. Jennifer says:

            I belong to MANY atheist sites and this is the first I’ve even heard about this song. I don’t know ANY atheists who give a fat rat’s behind about this song or any other religious song. Looks to me like a christian reporter lying and bearing false witness (against their own rules of their religion) in order to try to get higher clicks (marketing metrics) on their article.

            And there’s NOTHING is wrong with being liberal – I am a proud liberal! Only silly conservatives think it’s a negative connotation – but they are the only ones! Joke’s on them!

          2. Zebulun says:

            Atheists like me are not angry. We just don’t care.

        4. Daniel says:

          Then why are atheists making such a fuss over something they claim does not exist?

      2. Nancy says:

        who cares what they listen to they posted a picture of baptism a naked baby hanging upside down and branding irons to brand their butts for baptism and I thought it was disgusting and said so . they are out there believe me and they will hear her . better than the trash they listen to and the new generation of Woodstock remember those days they didn’t knock Christianity like this generation does . our nation was founded on judeo Christianity. guess they don’t realize that.

        1. Joseph says:

          It is disgusting to label someone who has no concept or the ability to even understand the concept of religion, with a religious label.

          Also, our country was NOT founded on Christianity. Not one bit.

          1. Dennis says:

            Yes it was. You are a liar.

          2. Ray says:

            Article 11 has been a point of contention in popular culture disputes on the doctrine of separation of church and state as it applies to the founding principles of the United States. Some religious spokesmen claim that—despite unanimous ratification by the U.S. Senate in English—the text which appears as Article 11 in the English translation does not appear in the Arabic text of the treaty.[12] Some historians, secular and religious, have argued that the phrase specifically refers to the government and not the culture, that it only speaks of the founding and not what America became or might become,[14] and that many Founding Fathers and newspapers described America as a Christian nation during the early Republic.[15]

            Article 11
            Article 11 reads:

            Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims]; and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Muslim] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

            According to Frank Lambert, Professor of History at Purdue University, the assurances in Article 11 were “intended to allay the fears of the Muslim state by insisting that religion would not govern how the treaty was interpreted and enforced. John Adams and the Senate made clear that the pact was between two sovereign states, not between two religious powers.” Lambert writes,

            “By their actions, the Founding Fathers made clear that their primary concern was religious freedom, not the advancement of a state religion. Individuals, not the government, would define religious faith and practice in the United States. Thus the Founders ensured that in no official sense would America be a Christian Republic. Ten years after the Constitutional Convention ended its work, the country assured the world that the United States was a secular state, and that its negotiations would adhere to the rule of law, not the dictates of the Christian faith. The assurances were contained in the Treaty of Tripoli of 1797 and were intended to allay the fears of the Muslim state by insisting that religion would not govern how the treaty was interpreted and enforced. John Adams and the Senate made clear that the pact was between two sovereign states, not between two religious powers.[16]

          3. Johnny says:

            It was founded on christian beliefs by christian people. You call Carrie dumb but I guarantee you that you aren’t fund enough to be as rich as her

          4. Rebecca says:

            LOL—yeah; since they’ve changed ALL this history books, that’s what they CLAIM….too bade you don’t KNOW the REAL history of the founding of this country!!!

          5. Ryan says:

            This country seperated from england to break free of religous tyranny funny how its back tho you can be a gay Satanist thats a jerk to everybody and be accepted where as if you are a straight Christian male who would give someone who needed it the shirt off your back people would still pick the Satanist first its ok to be anything but Christian anymore

          6. Rhonda says:

            Then why does The Pledge of Allegiance say One Nation Under GOD??? That’s been around for a long time dude. Not something we just made up yesterday. If our founding fathers said it, then it seems we were founded on christian beliefs and ideals!!! Just saying. Don’t hate!!!

          7. Daniel says:

            You are lying through your teeth. Our country WAS founded on Christian Beliefs and laws. Sorry but your statement shows your ignorance.

          8. Becki says:

            Sounds like you are a product of the Common Core revisionist history agenda!
            You have missed out on a rich heritage that is actually the foundation of all that we have been privileged to enjoy in this once great country.

            May God richly bless you!

          9. Alice says:

            Whoa, Joseph, so misguided, better study American History, not the history taught in your liberal school.

        2. Nate says:

          Ma’am, I don’t believe you know what you are talking about. You should educate yourself better on atheism and our founding fathers before making such bold statements.

          1. Brasilmagic says:

            She’s too dumb to grasp atheism, like most uneducated right wingers. Pass.

        3. Trevor says:

          Do you know what a sentence is Nancy?

          Also, our nation was NOT founded on Judaism or Christianity, guess you didn’t realize that.

          1. Dennis says:

            Wrong! You are also a liar.

          2. Niall says:

            Pretty sure the first immigrants to America came to practice freedom of religion (Christianity)

        4. Brennon says:

          “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”

          Direct quote from the Treaty of Tripoli, signed Nov 4, 1796 by President John Adams and ratified unanimously by the Senate.

          1. Chris says:

            While I agree that the signing of the treaty does exist, it doesn’t deny the founding of our country on Christianity/Judaism-like principles which are well documented. Clearly,and it is well known that colonists and others fled Europe because of state sponsored religion that had been in existence since and soon after Constantine made it the state religion of Rome on or about 380BC, the Catholic Church was the culprit from that point on. . . I do agree though that the signing of the treaty is an unfortunate betrayal of the truth that those who came here did come here to flee state sponsored religion and to practice it freely, which is being encumbered by atheists and secularists alike as well as the US government…. interesting statement accompanies the historical record wrt the treaty, “The Treaty had spent seven months traveling from Tripoli to Algiers to Portugal and, finally, to the United States, and had been signed by officials at each stop along the way. There is no record of discussion or debate of the Treaty of Tripoli at the time that it was ratified.” Sounds much like how the ACA was legislated recently. Another quote of John Adams, “John Adams
            2nd U.S. President and Signer of the Declaration of Independence, “Suppose a nation in some distant Region should take the Bible for their only law Book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited! Every member would be obliged in conscience, to temperance, frugality, and industry; to justice, kindness, and charity towards his fellow men; and to piety, love, and reverence toward Almighty God … What a Eutopia, what a Paradise would this region be.” –Diary and Autobiography of John Adams, Vol. III, p. 9.” . . . Whatever behooved him to advocate this treaty is beyond me and many others…. perhaps he was duped … or perhaps he and the senate signed it w/o reading it….

          2. Paul says:

            your “Treaty of Tripoli” is a farce.

          3. Daniel says:

            Sorry chuckles, you can quote whatever you want but unless it was passed by the Congress, it was not made US Law. As such that treaty does not mean diddly squat. And the Archives of the US Senate clearly show they never passed this.

            You know you really should have some idea of what the heck you are talking about BEFORE you open your mouth as this would make you look less stupid then you do now.

        5. Mike says:

          If the U.S. was founded on the Christian religion, the Constitution would clearly say so–but it does not. Nowhere does the Constitution say: “The United States is a Christian Nation”, or anything even close to that. In fact, the words “Jesus Christ, Christianity, Bible, Creator, Divine, and God” are never mentioned in the Constitution– not even once. Nowhere in the Constitution is religion mentioned, except in exclusionary terms. When the Founders wrote the nation’s Constitution, they specified that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” (Article 6, section 3) This provision was radical in its day– giving equal citizenship to believers and non-believers alike. They wanted to ensure that no religion could make the claim of being the official, national religion, such as England had.

        6. Gustav says:

          aw, you’re so cute. do you know how much you don’t know about our nation’s history?

      3. Greg says:

        Atheist here. Hmm? Not sure why that would make me mad as hell, or any of my atheist friends. I support you Carrie. Go forth and kick arse. Tell you one thing though; the political insider could do a little more leg work when reporting, and make sure they are printing the truth.

        1. Angela says:

          Eaxctly! Why should one be “angry” about what someone else believes, much less sings about?

      4. Nick says:

        I’m an angry atheist. It makes me angry when theists create straw men for atheists, such as this poor excuse for a journalist has done. I haven’t listened to the song yet (I will when I get home), but as a singer myself I I regularly sing Handel’s Messiah (The Trumpet Shall Sound is a particular favourite), and sacred music from the Baroque period, all of which have heavy religious themes.

        Honestly, what a totally inane, and dishonest, suggestion to make.

        1. Jennifer says:

          Christians lying and bearing false witness in order to get ratings and clicks onto their article. For what? The almighty dollar.

          1. Trese says:

            There is nothing more absurd than someone who denies God trying to understand his word and put it into correct context. You are a blinded foolish person who has no capability to truly get what Gods word means. He has not given YOU the ability to learn it. You have DENIED HIM.
            Isnt it funny how people like you want to deny God who created you, heaven and earth and provided an atonement for your sinful nature but yet you want to use his holy words to prove your point!!! LOL
            Absurdities make me chuckle!!!

          2. Bender says:

            Git ‘im, Trese!

            Attack people for Jesus, just as Jesus would approve!
            Taunt the atheists!
            Call them names!
            Pull their hair!
            Call “Nanny nanny, boo boo!”

            Jesus Christ himself would be proud! 🙂

      5. Jennifer says:

        I belong to MANY atheist groups and this link was the first I’ve even heard about this song. Atheists don’t listen to religious songs. Sounds to me like a bunch of religious people made this garbage up – you know, lying and bearing false witness, things against their own religious beliefs in order to get ratings and clicks to this story. Ahhh… the almighty dollar!

      6. Michael says:

        I am an atheist, and I love Carrie Underwood and her music. The writer of the headline to this story should be ashamed for saying her song is making atheists mad as hell. Actually, 99% of us could care less that she pens and sings a song about her faith. We just happen NOT to share her belief, but can still enjoy her talents.

        1. Delilah says:

          I can totally respect your comment in comparison to others. I believe in God and the bible but it’s open to how you interpret it or how the person that preaches it, interprets it. I don’t judge anyone because that’s my belief. The fact that you can love her music and look past beliefs is incredible. As I read through the comments, people posting articles and scriptures, your comment is the most educated IMO. You like her just don’t share the beliefs, I like her and do, there is nothing wrong with either statement. It’s all your choice, no need to be cruel to one another. Great comment!

          1. Trese says:

            You “believe” in God? So does Satan!!! LOL

            The Bible is NOT open for interpretation. It is the Holy Spirit that teaches.

        2. Jason says:

          Fellow atheist here and while I don’t care for religion or country music, I think Carrie is cute as can be and I fully support her right to believe as she wishes as is her free right to believe in a deity, just as it’s our right to not believe in one. 😉

      7. Zebulun says:

        You are exactly correct. We avoid the song just like all people avoid the song genres we individually don’t like.

      8. Ray says:

        It’s because none of us are really concerned by this. You’d be surprised how hard it actually is to piss off atheists. As long as she’s not forcing her beliefs down people’s throats, we what she does or sings about isn’t an issue. Also, there are literally hundreds of more important issues than Carrie Underwood ‘ s mythological beliefs.

      9. Nick says:

        I’m an angry atheist. Well, sometimes. Not right now, really, to be honest. And Carrie’s song is quite nice as well. She sings it with feeling, even if it isn’t the most brilliant song I’ve ever heard.

        Oh well, I guess I’ll go and eat some babies now. Peace. :p

      10. Frank says:

        Would be nice too if they just would not look at the Ten Commandments posted publicly.
        Christian or not, one must admit that the Ten Commandments are a great guide for humanity’s conduct toward civility.

    3. Nancy says:

      I agree and she picked a perfect son since they have posted anti baptism photo on line go Carrie we need you kind of music it is awesome and beautiful. love it

      1. Trevor says:

        English is fun.

      2. Dennis says:

        I agree 100%.

    4. Mike says:

      If there is a creator-God, it has used methods of creation that are indistinguishable from nature, it has declined to make itself known for all recorded history, it doesn’t intervene with affairs on earth, and has made itself impossible to observe. Even if you believe in that God……why would you think it would want to be worshiped?

      1. Rebecca says:

        LOL—you people just want to believe in what you want to. Plain and simple. Even SCIENCE has PROVEN things that have been written in the Bible to be TRUE.

        1. Rob says:

          So bats are a type of bird, not mammal? The value of pi =3? The moon is a source of light rather than light reflecting off it? The earth formed before the sun?
          These are all scientific claims made by the bible that are demonstrably wrong.

          But LOL, you people just want to believe in what you want to. Plain and simple. Despite the contradictions with what we find in reality.

        2. Jason says:

          Please tell us what it is in the bible that science has validated that makes non-biblical science invalid.

    5. George says:

      Uh. No. I belong to a number of humanist and atheist organizations. Most of them have never heard of this person or her song and really don’t care at all. I haven’t met ONE atheist who is concerned much less “mad as hell” about a christian song that is meaningless to us. We grew up having christianity shoved down our throats and have gone WAY beyond that.

      What gets us mad is when christians try to subvert the Constitution and shove prayer and religion into public schools and science classrooms. THAT gets us mad. All good Americans should get mad about that.

      1. Frank says:

        WOW!! All this about Christianity vs. Atheism ? Shows us the direction we are taking with humanity.
        If the mere notion that a song may be offensive to some while endeared by others can set off such a storm, I have to wonder what civility will be like down the road. Anarchy is the opposite of civility. Has anyone other than myself recognized the surge of anarchy in the world today?

    6. Jennifer says:

      I belong to many many online atheist groups and this is the first I’ve even heard about this song. Sounds to me like a bunch of religious nuts making stuff up! Isn’t that lying or bearing false witness and against your own rules? I tried to post this as a separate comment, but wasn’t given that option. Atheists don’t listen to religious music and could care less.

    7. cutes22 says:

      That’s really nice that some media publicity makers are making it up that we are “mad as hell”. We really do have better things to worry about. I never heard the song and a lot of people I talked to in atheist circles don’t even know who she is. And why would we care? Because a country singer singing about God isn’t exactly unique, ya know. Get over yourselves, guys. Carrie, knock yourself out. Good luck with the song and fire your slimy publicity staff.

    8. cutes22 says:

      Sorry meant to leave a general reply, not on your post.

    9. Jurrell says:

      The Bible says that “in the last days, men will hate you and come against your stand for loving Jesus and for believing in God and trying to help others find their way to SALVATION thru Jesus Christ” With that being said….Carrie….you must be doing something right or it wouldn’t upset the devil and his followers…. KEEP ON doing what you’ve been called to do…. sharing you faith in whatever way God has given you to do it !!!!! Sooooo PROUD of YOU !!!!

      1. DelRay says:

        Jurrell please name these pissed off atheists. We in the secular community literally don’t care what, who, how, or why you worship anything.

        We believe in the right of all sentient beings to live as they choose. Please, share your faith. I encourage all of you to do so. But be aware that if it is a conversation you want to have, we will share our beliefs with you too. And I know that is something that scares you to your very core.

    10. Gail says:

      I totally agree. Carrie Underwood is not afraid to let the world know she is a believer. “How Great Thou Art” with Vince Gill is another example.

    11. Tiff says:

      Something is in the water and it is rivers of living waters that can transform, deliver, set free and release the power of the Living God! AMEN! Carrie thank you for standing strong in your faith and not being ashamed of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! His healing waters have the ability to “SET THE CAPTIVE FREE”! Believe and receive the restoration power of Jesus Christ <3

    12. Wayne says:

      It does not piss off atheists. Religious themes do not piss off atheists.

    13. Karen says:

      I’m sorry. Where are all these “mad as hell” atheists? Is there a link to an atheist website or group where people are complaining about this song?

      1. Bender says:

        Marketing scam to capitalize on Christian insecurity with disbelief.

        The tools fell for it.

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