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  1. Anne says:

    where did they get all that money and we have to assist them??????

  2. Hunter says:

    California is currently run by the same intelligence which has been running Venezuela for the last several decades.

  3. snert says:

    it’s not a waste, if it’s not yours!!!

  4. Marilyn says:

    Are they going to borrow the money to fight DACA since CA is broke from too many liberal idiots doing ridiculous things like these? Total insanity, glad I don’t live there!

  5. Wait!
    They have 30 milllion US Dollars to spend on fighting DACA, but NO money to assist battered womens shelters or the help run-away children in California…
    Ummmmmmmmmmmm. Ok.
    I know how I’M VOTING next election!

    1. drbhelthi says:

      If comrade governor Brown keeps California as a “sanctuary” state, there will be even less money presently, if federal law is enforced, due to violation of immigration law.

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