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Breaking: Barack Obama Just Raised The Cost Of Gas At The Pump!

offshore drilling

If you thought low gas prices were too-good-to-be-true… then get ready for this!

In a shocking announcement, President Barack Obama is reversing the decision to drill for oil along America’s Southeast Atlantic coast.

Obama caved to liberal environmentalists, and this big move will directly affect the cost of gasoline at the pump:

When the Obama administration unveiled a proposal in January 2015 to open the southeastern Atlantic coast to oil and gas drilling for the first time, environmental advocates were shocked and enraged — and the oil industry was delighted.

The emotions were the same, just on opposite sides of the energy-environmental divide, when the Interior Department announced Tuesday that the administration was yanking Atlantic drilling off the table. And almost everyone was shocked.

On Twitter, Obama’s Interior Secretary Sally Jewel announced the blocking of drilling in the Atlantic Ocean “protects the Atlantic for future generations.”

The original plan would have opened up more than 50 miles of drilling near Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia before 2021. Leasing out this area to oil companies would have reduced America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Recently, Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) both announced at a recent Democratic debate they would also put a stop to the fracking industry and prevent further drilling on all Federal land.

What do you think about Obama’s decision to raise the cost of gasoline? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.