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Beyonce Asked Cops To Volunteer For Concert Security – THIS Is How Many Signed Up!


The world watched as Beyonce performed a race-baiting, cop-bashing performance at Super Bowl 50. The NFL should have never allowed that to happen during America’s biggest annual sporting event.

The costumes worn during the song “Formation” promote the Black Panther Party. Ironic, considering Beyonce had a police escort to the field.

Now on tour, police officers in Tampa, Florida were asked to volunteer off-duty to work at Beyonce’s April 29 concert at Raymond James Stadium. The police department’s spokesman Steve Hegarty told local media that NO officers signed up to help, because of her hateful lyrics.

“We’re going to staff it because we have a responsibility to do that regardless of how controversial it might be, who the artist might be, or the politician might be,” Hegarty explained. “This is a couple of months away, so we’ve still got plenty of time to fill those slots.”

Tampa Police did not clarify if officers could be forced to work the concert or if officers already on duty that night could be reassigned to cover the concert.

Police officials said this would not be the first time officers were not interested in working for an event featuring a controversial politician or celebrity, but each time the department is able to ensure enough officers cover the venue prior to the event.

Via Fox 5 Atlanta

This is awesome! Fraternal Order of Police organizations across America are also calling for boycotts of Beyonce’s performances. Cops risk their lives every day for our safety, and they are right to oppose music which celebrates an organization that has actually murdered police.

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