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Senator Bernie Sanders Reveals Socialized Medicine Plan – Here’s Why It Won’t Work

Despite controlling the presidency, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, Republicans still failed to repeal of Obamacare. Looking to capitalize off this abysmal failure, many leading Democrats are looking to implement total government control over health care.

Every conservative voter knew that single-payer health care was the goal of liberals all along. And the failures of Obamacare are only going to lead to its proponents pushing for more government involvement in health care. It’s kind of interesting how the government ruining health care is now justification for liberals looking more government involvement in health care, isn’t it?

Leading the charge is socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, and plenty of rising stars in the “resistance” have come forward to back it.

I don’t need to tell you that putting something in the government’s hands makes it more expensive, diminishes quality, and throttles the rate of innovation, but here are just a few reasons by Bernie’s plan is especially bad. Paul Bios of the Daily Wire has five reasons why you should oppose the government’s latest attempted overreach into our health care:

1.) Bernie’s plan significantly increases taxes by calling for a 7.5% payroll tax on employers and a 4% “income-based premium” on every single American. If there’s anything Americans love, it’s more taxes!

2.) Bernie’s plan will, of course, cost trillions. According to Bios, “The estimated initial costs (this is before years of inflation, mind you) is projected at $2.5 trillion per year, which would create an ‘average of over $1 trillion per year financing shortfall.'”

3.) Price controls always bring higher costs. Bernie’s plan will likely limit consumer choice through cost controls, which are the only way for the government to ration care. Longer wait times will almost certainly be the result.

4.) Government bureaucrats will be the sole determiner of who gets what care. Choice is snatched away from the consumer.

5.) And here’s the kicker: “If you like your healthcare plan, you sure CANNOT keep it. Period.” Bernie’s plan means the end of private health care as we know it. Going forward, a trip to the hospital will differ little from a trip to the DMV.

Think all of that sounds bad? Of course – and don’t forget that that when the government has increased its role in health care in the past, it’s grossly underestimated how costly it would be. When Medicaid (free health care for the poor) was introduced in America, the House Ways and Means Committee estimated that the new program would cost $238 million in its first year. That year, 1965, it ended up costing over $1 billion, or 400% higher than the original estimate. By 1971, the program had blown through $6.5 billion – and along with Medicare it’s among the federal government’s largest expenses.

Heck, even a younger Bernie knew as much back in 1987 when he admitted that socialized medicine would bankrupt our nation.

Regardless, Trump will simply veto any single-payer bill that ends up on his desk.

Thank goodness for President Trump!

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