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William P

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Kids are literal. If you tell them something, they’ll believe it and they’ll believe it exactly how you said it. It is part of what makes them innocent and the […]

dog joke

Dogs may be “man’s best friend” but when it comes to dogs vs. men, there is only one who is a true friend to women. Where men can be grouchy […]

old people jokes

Have you ever been in that awkward situation where you meet someone new, and you don’t quite know how old they are? It could be someone who is significantly older […]

Kids are honest, almost to a fault. They get in trouble for it, but I think its part of what makes them special. This kid’s honesty, in particular, says a […]

military joke

Our military takes all kinds. As it should. You don’t need to be a genius to be willing to sign up and defend this great land of ours. But this […]

how to get to heaven

A child’s wisdom, especially when it comes to religious questions, can be hilarious. This young kid in Sunday school explains how to get to heaven, and leaves everyone in the […]

Mothers are amazing. They’re smart and loving and fair and tough all at the same time. They also have to think about things that no one else ever has to […]

grandchildren jokes

Don’t kids just say the funniest things? They seem to have such a clear grasp of the logic of the world, but they’re just missing a bit of wisdom. This […]

Electronic Travel Ban

**UPDATE** March 21st. It appears both Canada and the United Kingdom are joining this temporary ban on electronics in the cabin.  UK cabin luggage ban on laptops and tablets from […]

tim allen conservative

Last Man Standing and Home Improvement star Tim Allen is one of the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood and isn’t afraid to show it. Ever since the election of Donald […]

This is a new twist to the “Doctor says a patient has 6 months to live” joke! Hilarious and original! Via ChristiansUnite. Think this is funny? Let us know in […]

Blonde Joke

We’ve found another great and CLEAN blonde joke. This one appeals to all you nature enthusiasts out there. Via ChristiansUnite. Share this with your blonde and non-blonde friends alike!