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Wayne ‘Newsninja’ Dupree is a freelance writer who was named the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year and awarded the 2014 Podcast Of the Year; Best in Show. He has over 100K followers on Twitter (@WayneDupreeShow) and 70K-plus followers on Facebook (@Newsninja2012).

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keith ellison house

Rep. Keith Ellison lost out on his bid to win the Democrat National Committee chairmanship, but he has also been speaking his mind and making bold predictions based on the […]

george bush assault

Here’s the problem with this entire story: The establishment will never let this get the coverage of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, or Brett Ratner because Bush is an aging President […]

The United States Army has decided to lift the ban on accepting recruits with a history of self-mutilation. Excuse me, but I thought we got rid of stupid ideas like this […]

free legal advice immigrants

Just when you thought things were getting better with President Trump, I have learned the Vera Institute of Justice recently launched their Safety and Fairness for Everyone–or “SAFE” Cities Network campaign […]

eric holder orange

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is feeling his oats right now, and he’s letting everyone know about it. Holder is loving the freedom to say whatever he wants, and now […]

menendez trial juror senator

This country needs an intellectual revival, and I mean sooner rather than later. During the trial of New Jersey senator Bob Menendez, one juror asked a question that would’ve flunked any […]

kevin spacey rehab

It looks like Kevin Spacey is going to stay at the same resort, I mean rehab center, that housed Harvey Weinstein for a week. If Weinstein is still poking around […]

donna brazile slave

I don’t get along with Donna Brazile because of our politics, but she’s not happy with all the complaints from many Democrat leaders to shut up or shut down her […]

alec baldwin twitter

It’s funny to watch a man, a man whose whole career has been reduced to making a poor impersonation of the president on a failing TV show, continue to make […]

james comey book

Former FBI Director James Comey thinks he has an audience that will buy his upcoming book. But, I think many Americans are skeptical of this hack. The left thinks he […]

iran missiles

While liberals and moderate Republicans have chosen to go after President Trump over the Russian collusion charade let by Robert Mueller, our enemies are watching and taking advantage of the […]

panetta dossier

Who would ever believe that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer would practice journalism by asking pertinent questions in an interview with former CIA Director Leon Panetta? Well, it happened. Both men have […]