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Seth Meyers Ivanka

It’s no secret that NBC’s late-night host Seth Meyers is a far-left anti-Trump zealot, who uses his nightly television platform to mock and attack the President and the President’s supporters […]

new Trump hotel

The Trump Organization is well-known for its luxury hotels and properties, catering to well-off individuals seeking a high-end hotel and spa experience. For years, the company has specialized in hotels […]

Christopher Wray

Over the last several weeks, President Donald J. Trump has interviewed multiple individuals to serve as FBI Director, replacing James Comey, who the President fired for failing to do his job. […]

notre dame cathedral

Just hours after a deadly terrorist attack in Melbourne, Australia, police in Paris thwarted a potential terrorist attack in what is being called a “hammer attack” outside of Notre Dame […]

NSA leaker

On Monday night, the Department of Justice revealed that the FBI had arrested an NSA contractor for leaking a Top Secret document to the publication, The Intercept. The individual, Reality […]

venice mayor Allahu Akbar

Just days after a horrific Islamic terrorist attack in London claimed the lives of 7 innocent individuals, radical Islamic terror appears to have once again struck the West, this time […]

Melania Trump classy

By now, it’s no secret that First Lady Melania Trump is a role model for millions of women across America and around the world. Her poise and grace are the […]

trump immigration

On Thursday, President Donald J. Trump rejected failed former President Obama’s disastrous Paris “global warming” deal that sought to burden our economy with heavy regulations and taxes all to push the left’s […]

liberal media Trump

It’s no secret that the liberal media has contempt for anyone that does not share their leftist political ideology. Throughout the 2016 presidential election, the liberal media ran hit piece […]

Hillary Clinton 2020

In recent weeks, two-time loser and serial liar Hillary Clinton has been jumping back into the political arena with bizarre interviews, from blaming the DNC for her failed 2016 campaign, to […]

Hillary Clinton emails

In what has been a continued demand for answers into Hillary Clinton’s use of an illegal private email server to send and receive classified information, Judicial Watch has released 2,000 […]

rush limbaugh Paris

On Wednesday, it was reported that President Donald J. Trump would pull the United States out of the controversial Paris “global warming” agreement, a move that should provide much-needed relief […]