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Obamacare premiums

Most of the fearmongering around ObamaCare’s looming repeal has centered around the number of Americans that will lose health insurance in absence of the law. We’re told that 23 million […]

ICE sanctuary cities

It truly is incredible how much of our nation’s problem with illegal immigration could simply be solved by enforcing existing law. We now have between 10 and 15 million illegal […]

Chelsea Clinton asset forfeiture

Chelsea Clinton attempted to smear Donald Trump yesterday – unaware that she was attacking the policies of her own father in the process. It all began with the Department of […]

john mccain tumor

Yesterday we reported that conspiracy theorists were speculating that Sen. John McCain underwent brain surgery – and they weren’t too far off the truth for once. McCain’s declining health had […]

Kamala Harris 2020

Who will face off against President Donald Trump in 2020? You’ll see a headline every couple of months claiming that Hillary Clinton may give it another shot, but there’s no […]

House budget balance

Earlier this week, we covered President Donald Trump’s proposed budget. It’s not perfect, but it’s a budget that actually reduces the deficit. By 2027 there would still be a $720 […]

Chris Cillizza AMA reddit

On the popular news aggregator and forum reddit, there’s a section called “Ask Me Anything” where public figures hold open interviews with reddit’s user base. Countless notable figures have done […]

Keith Olbermann Eric Trump

Perpetually fired TV host Keith Olbermann has the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome out of all the hysterical liberals in the media. He now broadcasts his rants in a […]

Alan Dershowitz treason

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Hannity on July 11th to address the allegations surrounding his emails coordinating a meeting with Russians to dig up dirty on Hillary Clinton. The emails […]

James Comey book deal

Like many in public service before him, the big payday didn’t come until he was out of office. Former FBI director James Comey heard the words “you’re fired” from President […]

Megyn Kelly ratings

The evidence is piling up that Megyn Kelly’s career peaked at Fox News. While Kelly may have thought she’d bolster her image by moving from a conservative-leaning network to a […]

poll democrats stand Trump

The media is relentless in publicizing the negative approval ratings that Donald Trump has been receiving, which are largely¬†due to his personality, not policies. But what about the media’s own […]