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Trump economy

If the economic legacy of the Obama administration will be remembered for anything, it’ll be what economic historians call the entitlement decade. Now certainly the explosion in those dependent on […]

bill oreilly media matters

After spending two decades as the king of cable, dominating the ratings and bringing in $100 million a year in revenue for the Fox News network, Bill O’Reilly is out. […]

Donald Trump Facts

As if fighting for our country overseas wasn’t difficult enough, our veterans have to navigate the Veterans Administration when they get back home. The VA is one examples of socialized […]

north korea nuclear test

North Korea launched a missile on Sunday – and that went about as well as expected. For a bazillionth time, their missile launch failed “almost immediately.” That came after the communist […]

Richard Dawkins

British academic Richard Dawkins has been a scientist in the public eye for many decades, but it wasn’t until the publication of his 2006 book “The God Delusion” that the […]

Trump abortion

Among one of then-President Barack Obama’s moves centralizing federal power was when he prohibited states from defunding Planned Parenthood. Why should the federal government have authority over what state budget […]

chelsea clinton

Chelsea Clinton is one of those people who think we want to hear every reaction they have to anything President Donald Trump or one of his associates does on their social media. […]

andrea mitchell russia

Expect MSNBC’s disdain for Russia to increase from here – because things got a bit personal. As Russian Foreign Minister Segei Lavrov met with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson earlier […]

border wall designs

When Donald Trump promised a “big beautiful wall,” the man wasn’t kidding. Companies submitting bids to build the wall are instructed that their designs should be “physically imposing in height,” […]

english is racist

Is there any form of bigotry worse than the soft bigotry of low expectations? In the world of social justice insanity that exists on the nation’s college campuses, it was […]

hillary sexism

When it came to Hillary Clinton’s loss, the Democrat establishment (and the talking heads in the media) were quick to point the finger at everyone except themselves. The list of […]

sanctuary cities

If Mexico doesn’t end up paying for that border wall, it may fall on another enabler of illegal immigration: sanctuary cities. As many of you are aware, there are hundreds […]