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republican registration 2018

Barack Obama set an economic record during his presidency, and it’s one no president would ever want. Upon leaving office, he was the first president since Herbert Hoover (who presided […]

north korea trump

This week, President Trump spoke in front of the United Nations for the first time. In his speech, the president singled out North Korea, promising that the United States could […]

philadelphia voter fraud

How common is voter fraud, really? There’s no one answer I can give you, because estimates vary widely among studies. When trying to present voter fraud as a non-problem, it’s […]

booker t washington black lives matter

Back in my freshmen year of college, I found Booker T. Washington’s “Up From Slavery” on a list of books for a required English course. Booker T. was the dominant […]

lawrence o'donnell breakdown

Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC’s self-described socialist who “lives to the extreme of you mere liberals” and wants to “ban all guns,” must’ve ticked off those working on his set just as […]

republican deal tax reform

Tax reform is at the top of the Trump Administration’s agenda right now, and if we’re given what’s promised, you’ll be a very happy person come tax season. The stock […]

police parody it stephen king

A modern remake of Stephen King’s “It” hit the theaters last week, and it’s been a major boon for the film industry after a historically slow summer showing. Opening with […]

single-payer health care

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is pushing for America to adopt single-payer healthcare through his “Medicare for All Act of 2017.” Thankfully, that bill has zero chance of passing thanks to […]

study red state blue state

Whether it’s in the House of Representatives, the Senate, or the White House, Republicans and Democrats alike don’t appear to have much trouble spending like drunken sailors. However, that isn’t […]

obama 60 million

Former President Barack Obama had no problem publicly sympathizing with the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement as members claimed to protest income inequality (particularly in the form of the “99% […]

trump regulations repeal

Among President Donald Trump’s greatest successes thus far has been keeping government regulation in check. Almost without exception (the exception being the Reagan years), the number of pages in the […]

ben shapiro berkeley

Ben Shapiro spoke at UC Berkeley last week, and if you read the news coverage, you’d be under the impression that Shapiro was the name of a destructive hurricane. “Berkeley […]