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Jim E

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chris wallace fox news

A familiar face at Fox News isn’t happy with his colleagues. Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, criticized his fellow Fox anchors and contributors in an interview with the […]

Frederica Wilson racist

When in doubt, play the race card. That’s how Democrats play politics. Anytime they’re caught in a bind, they whip out the epithet “racist” and sling it at their opponent. […]

christian monument unconstitutional

Christianity is under attack in our country like never before. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit just ruled that a World War I monument dedicated to those […]

Jeff sessions al franken

The rumors and snide comments made by liberals about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s past testimony before Congress concerning collusion with the Russians came to the fore today. Senator Al Franken, […]

tom marino withdraw

Big news this morning as Rep. Tom Marino, a Republican who represents the 10th congressional district of Pennsylvania, has ended his bid to become the Trump Administration’s drug czar. The position, […]

thad cochran health

Last week, we reported about rumors that Mississippi senator Thad Cochran wouldn’t be returning to Congress this week due to his ongoing health issues. We just got confirmation that the […]

trump IRGC terrorist

The big news about Iran may not be President Trump refusing to re-certify the flawed nuclear deal. Earlier today, President Trump announced that he is withholding certification of the Iran […]

farmer plows national anthem

The ongoing debate over standing for the National Anthem before NFL games didn’t relent this week. First, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to players earlier this week, urging […]

Kirstjen Nielsen dhs

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s old role is finally being filled. President Trump will soon name Kirstjen Nielsen to be the new Department of Homeland Security Secretary. Nielsen is […]

boy scouts accept girls

Has rampant political-correctness now infected the Boy Scouts? NBC reports that the Boy Scouts of America will now accept female scouts. From the report: “Starting next year, young girls can join […]

poll us world cup

Better luck next year. The U.S. was just disqualified from competing in the World Cup after the men’s team lost in a match with Trinidad and Tobago. This is the […]

hillary clinton harvey weinstein statement

It’s about damn time. At long last, Hillary has weighed in on the deepening Harvey Weinstein scandal. The failed presidential candidate put out a statement expressing her dismay over the […]