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Alexa is a freelance writer and communications consultant, with experience working on the Hill, at the RNC, and for National Review. She is based in Northern Virginia and blogs at AlexaShrugged.com. Follow her on Twitter @AlexaShrugged.

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sarah silverman media

Obnoxious comedian Sarah Silverman has a new streaming show on Hulu (is anyone actually watching?) called “I Love You, America” that was billed as a show where the lefty would […]

boy fake news shirt

One Georgia school district says it’s perfectly OK for its high school softball team to kneel during the National Anthem at a game, but a middle schooler wearing a t-shirt […]

liberals bill clinton

It was only 3 days ago that Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick told Laura Ingraham of the Clintons, “I hope they get what’s due to them.” Already there are […]

warren rigged primary

Former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile revealed evidence that confirmed the Committee rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Of course, we all knew this from Wikileaks last year, […]

trump twitter shut

We delivered the news yesterday that Twitter admitted to censoring anti-Hillary news during the election. Well, last night they did far worse. The Twitterverse was shocked last night at around […]

bush pitch

The Houston Astros got an extra special boost before Game 5 of the 2017 World Series. The team played host to our greatest living former presidents, Presidents George H. W. […]

nfl stadiums

Here we go again. Another week, another roundup of empty stadium shots. As players’ National Anthem protests continue, fans’ outrage grows. NFL stadiums are half empty, or have a significant […]

trump anniversary scream

What are liberals planning for November 8? (Hint: It’s pretty much what they did last Election Day, Inauguration Day, and every day since.) To “scream helplessly at the sky on […]

nfl attendance anthem protests

It is now NFL week 7 – four weeks since a major wave of National Anthem protests swept the League in response to President Trump’s comments that if a player […]

melania trump honor

First Lady Melania Trump continues to out-class Michelle Obama in every way! Our new First Lady has said she would make cuts to the Office of the First Lady and […]

las vegas white supremacy

Drexel University associate politics and global studies professor George Ciccariello-Maher said he was placed on administrative leave for his outrageous tweets connecting the Las Vegas shootings to white supremacy. No, […]

police service whataburger

What a disaster! Two Texan police officers were cursed at and turned away at a Whataburger over the weekend. Apparently, an employee wasn’t happy that her idiot boyfriend had been […]